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Outlaw by a margin for me too. I like the fun that is JiH but compared to the epic that is Outlaw it's no match. It has all of the great supporting characters (Wulf, Middendface, the War generals etc.), the Stix Brothers, and this time Johnny was the bounty.

Now I need to re-read it again...these polls tend to do that to me, make me want to go back and re-read each of these (although I re-read most of SD over the Christmas).

Ah these are both good, I could go either way...but I'll go with A Sorry Case to show some love to the MacNeil droid. The only other artist who I really like drawing Johnny & Co.

Big Bust of '49 is a lot of fun, and Darkus' Howlers earn it a lot of goodwill; but it has to be The Shicklgruber Grag, doesn't it? The classic Johnny-Wulf-Gronk trio going for a jaunt back to WWII - well that alone is deserving of a vote. Add to that mix our first appearance of a Stix, some brilliant Doghouse-based shenanigans and lots of time travel, the Sternhammer silencer, and it's no contest, really.

Perfectly summarized Dark Jimbo - for these reasons and more, The Schicklgruber Grab it is! I've been waiting for this one, it's is actually in my all time faveorate SD stories, possibly in my top three. I love the WW2 setting, time travel, Stix, the Sternhammer silencer ("put der sock in it Schicklgruber") and Carlos' beautiful artwork.

The Royal Affair - as I recall there are some great duck puns in this one, thanks to Middenface, and I like a good pun. Overall a memorable story to me for some reason, I liked the mission.

The Gronk Affair. The Weerd bros poor heartsies didnt stand a chance.

General / Re: Interview with Dan Abnett
« on: 31 July, 2021, 03:13:45 AM »
I have the comics for Wild’s End volumes 1 and 2, but volume only came out in TPB (slightly bothersome) which I haven't gotten around to getting yet. Great series.

He certainly deserves all the credit/praise he receives!

The first two volumes came out in floppy comic form, volume 3 was only released in TPB, is what I meant to say.

General / Re: Interview with Dan Abnett
« on: 30 July, 2021, 07:43:46 PM »
I have the comics for Wild’s End volumes 1 and 2, but volume only came out in TPB (slightly bothersome) which I haven't gotten around to getting yet. Great series.

He certainly deserves all the credit/praise he receives!

Portrait of a Mutant, an easy vote for me. I really like Dark Jimbos comments, I'd echo something similar.

The hilight of the final solution is MacNeil's coloured artwork. As I've stated elsewhere, his art is second only to Carlos for me. Don't like the monster that killed Johnny,  but those paintings are beautiful!

And I hate Feral. He got his comeuppance in the Life and Death of Johnny Alpha, and thats nothing to thumb your nose at ;)

Max Bubba (Ragnarok Job) for sure, for all its significance and finally getting to see Wulf's origin.

I'm surprised by the the dislike of the trolls and goblins here - I really enjoyed those aspects of the story. I thought they fit in perfectly with Vikings and time travel. There are plenty of mutants, supernatural beings and aliens in SD, how do the trolls and goblins fit any less?

Regarding Carlos art here, you won't get run out of town, fair opinion. I, however, think he draws killer vikings (Wulf is the original Viking of SD afterall) - I think he blends mutant bounty hunters, soldiers and vikings as good as anyone could have. Maybe not your match for Carlos but certainly no dip in the quality of his art here. It doesn't get any better than Wulf killing dragons with der happy-stick and Johhny sending trolls to the Doghouse using a time grenade!

Just thought I'd comment as the time hopping and trolls were a highlight for me, a very different environment from the other space/earth/planets that were used to seeing. Each to their own, the joy of voting!

Incident on Mayger Minor. I'd agree this is one of the best there is. A lone stranger astride a mork rides into a town to help a widow deal with an evil land baron...pure western!

Also, I much prefer the Western & War SD stories over the magic/supernatural elements. I do prefer the Moses Incident over other supernatural stories like Journey into Hell, the Final Solution etc.

The Rammy all the way! Another favorite, it follows the successful formula of the Killing but is different and strong enough to stand on its own. And Middenface is fantastic! He's no better or worse a partner thank Wulf,  just different.

I like the B&W art of Roadhouse (with bits of red lettering for some reason) but prefer the humorous Shaggy Dog Story.

Want to see Wulf bald? Look no further...just glad a bald Gronk wasn't in this one. My eyes couldn't handle what is happening under that fur.

Ah this is a difficult choice! The Mork Whisperer has the Western elements that I love and Blood Moon has the war elements I like (I least prefer the stories with supernatural elements).

With that said, as much as I enjoy how the Mork Whisperer unfolds while read, I'm going to have to go with Blood Moon. It was just more impactful to me after reading.

I agree with everything that's been said so far, The Doc Quince Case it is. BLAT! for the win.

A sorry Case is fun and humorous, and as stated previously, I really like MacNeil's take on Strontium Dog.  However, Smiley's World is my preference here, the better story IMO.

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