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Robinson 3
Ranson 2

Roach 5 nil

Culbard 5 nil

Another one sided match up for me.

Davis 5 nil.

Megazine / Re: Subbie voucher for the 2K shop?
« on: 09 June, 2021, 10:11:34 PM »
You get the badges and the audio plays ( as a dual physical subscriber anyway).

Mine hadn’t shown up, nor had the web shop voucher. A quick query via the web shop and they sorted it out immediately.

I have kinda warmed to Williams’s cartoony style, especially on the VCs.

But you know, it’s Henry Flint, a man who can do no wrong; we are just blessed to have him in the Prog, evoking the best of McMahon and O’Neill whist doing his own thing.

5 nil to Henry.

Staz 2 : 3 Cam

Winslade is great; Gibbons is a legend. It would have been great to have had more from him for longer in the Prog.

Winslade 2 : 3 Gibbons

Higgins 5 nil

Just because it’s Carlos, does it mean he has to win every time?

Richard Elson has become one of my very favourites and he seems to be a perfect match to Dan Abnett’s scripts. He has two stories that are his alone. There are not many of Tharg’s artists who can say that.

Can the man who brought us the Stainless Steel Rat, Fiends of the Eastern Front, Al’s Baby, Cursed Earth Koburn and Spectre compete with that? (There’s possibly a couple of other strips I’ve overlooked there 😉).


Elson 2 : 3 Carlos

AND both their names end in an ‘N’…

Er sorry….what?


Possibly my second favourite ever artist here. Nothing against Clint who seems to be a very decent chap based on the chat I had with him at the 40th, but you know it’s Fabry and so:

Glenn takes it 4-1

(I have to give Clint a point as I did buy some art from him).

A difficult one to decide.

3-2 to Tiernan

Carl Critchlow has got be one of the most underrated of all 2000AD artists; his Dredd is great and I’d love to see way more of it. I’m not a big fan of Lobster Random as a character but his art was good.

But then it’s Simon Fraser; Dante’s enough before you consider Dredd, Hershey or anything else.

4-1 to Fraser

My main problem with Andy's art is that his characters looks rigid and stiff. Dan is one of those artist which initially did not like at all but has grown on me (it started when I read Rok the God - yes I know his work outside the prog should not count but it is when I started getting into his work).

Yes Rok is the greyest of areas possible, when it comes to “not being by the house of Tharg” as far as this competition is concerned.

So it’s written by John Wagner and Alan Grant, drawn by Dan and lettered by our own Mr Campbell. That’s about as 2000AD as it gets.

But it’s not published by Rebellion, so strictly speaking it doesn’t count. In Colin’s rules it says you can’t take that into account, but if you did, it’s gonna be hard for any one else to know.

Cornwell 2 : 3 Clarke

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