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General / Calling DavidXBrunt...
« on: 02 August, 2002, 12:52:40 AM »
...Hi David,

Don't know if you got my email ... I'm heading over to the PO tomorrow so let me have your address again and I'll put the year books in the post (assuming you still want them).


Links / Might be of interest...
« on: 27 June, 2002, 12:55:02 AM »
...got sent this today - made me laugh...

Link: http://www.framleyexaminer.com/pages/new_menu.html

General / Rosebud...
« on: 21 June, 2002, 01:27:46 AM »
Always a difficult one to answer but ... push comes to shove what is your all time favourite film?

There's a prize for the most obscure!?

Reckon I'd go for (none of which are that obscure) "Play it again Sam" but then again "Annie Hall" "Manhattan" and "Deconstructing Harry" are classic Woody Allen, "Once were warriors" is powerful and "Star Wars" had a big effect on me as a kid "Wild at Heart" rocks so does "Twin Peaks Fire walk with me", "Dune" is good "Eraserhead" is vile, the original version of "The Vanishing" pi**es all over Hollywood's rehash, "Run Lola run" is fun in a German type way, "Jean de Florrette" and "Mannon des Source" are cheshnuts...

...I give up I can't pick a favourite - don't reckon anyone else will be able to either?

plastikman (off to read 100 Bullets vol 4 - hurray - thankyou Chester Comic Co)    

?no there isn't

General / Set the controls for the heart of Avalon...
« on: 20 June, 2002, 03:56:24 AM »
anyone joining me at Glastonbury this year?

Repeat after me... please don't rain please don't rain


General / Andy "Airbag" Soames....
« on: 19 June, 2002, 04:18:18 AM »
...100 Bullets volume 4 is out on friday make sure you all buy it.


PS Sorry about the irrelevant subject title - isn't he a great character though?

PPS This is probably my most boring post ever - to cheer yourself up read the "when will he learn" post - guarantee the link will make u laugh! - good work Wils

General / Merchandise...
« on: 15 June, 2002, 06:42:49 AM »
... interested to know what is your single most treasured piece of 2000ad / sci-fi merchandise?

Mine is a large black mug i have in the shape of Darth Vader (not particulary rare or anything) - which actually sounds like Darth Vader if you breath into it (even though my wife told me to "stop being silly" when i demonstrated to her)


General / The shadow gallery...
« on: 14 June, 2002, 03:05:35 AM »
A selction of random points whilst I'm downloading Neil Young stuff...

1) Jack Kirby (?) / Someone Ditko - hear these names mentioned alot - is the stuff they did worth reading or has it dated badly?

2) Someone must have made this joke already ... anyone notice Scojo in this month's megs Dredd hehehe (sorry scojo :)

3) I've seen Star Wars twice and still don't understand the Count Dooku storyline - am I stupid?

4) Is Ron Smith still alive? What stuff has he done other than 2000ad? (Seeing "Sob Story" mentioned in the meg Dredd reminded how excellent his stuff was - whether he bothered with backgrounds or not!!). Any chance he'll do more 2000ad?

5) Weren't the Brasil / Costa Rica highlights excellent?

6) Just bought Jonny Double can't wait to read it.

"Keep on rocking in the free world"


PS I've just finished V hence the subject title!! It's aaaaaaacccccccccceeeeeeeee!

General / Idea for a poll....
« on: 03 June, 2002, 07:32:31 AM »
...if one of the select few fancies posting it for me (or a better version of it) = ta.

How do you spend your hours between reading issues of tooth?


1)A bloody student / schoolie
2)An under valued under paid public sector worker
3)An over valued over paid accountant (there are a few of us lurking about..)
4)A high class prostitute
5)Currently "resting" between jobs
6)One of Tharg's droids, I help create the illustrious organ, goddammit kneel when you address me
7)A desk jockey
8)In IT
9)Doing something far more interesting than what you've listed here


General / Arggh (part 2).....
« on: 02 June, 2002, 07:23:01 PM »
England 1 Sweden 1

What a p*** boring waste of time watching it was :(


General / Flying things.....
« on: 26 May, 2002, 02:53:01 AM »
what's that thing down there - the thing with wings that's just lit it's own fart? can i buy one in the shop?


Off Topic / Rant....
« on: 25 May, 2002, 04:28:52 AM »
...2 days ago i lost the entire contents of my hard- drive - sob wail moan - I've lost my C.V. , my saved games for System Shock 2 (it's taken me days to make any real progress and that's with cheats!), my beloved bombjack on mame, all my music files, rebirth, my futurama screensaver, napigator.... arrrrggghhhhhh.

Having re-loaded windows 98 I've now got the @ above my 2 and the " above the comma!!!!! gggggrrrrrr.

Bloody poo-computers!!!!

Demons exorcised


General / Tooth fairy...
« on: 22 May, 2002, 01:33:54 AM »
...anyone know when Devlin Waugh is coming back?

(not really that interested - just thought it was a rather witty subject title) - well actually i am quite interested - swimming in blood was cool.


anyone else think the current death sorry is a bit lame?

nah me meither - just wanted an excuse to post this woody allen quote!!!


General / Attack of the Clones...
« on: 16 May, 2002, 11:57:16 PM »
...i'm seeing it in 1 hour - i'll give you a hot of the press review later.


General / Like...
« on: 16 May, 2002, 02:23:36 AM »
Re. Bec & Kawl ... didn't D.R. say "like" alot - hmm it annoyed me then. I just don't think it works when you, like, read it.

(PVS - I'm getting a taste of this 'being a critic' lark!)

IMHO B&K has all the makings of a classic stinker!


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