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The best quote I've ever heard.

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"This Judge Dredd will be the film that Judge Dredd fans have so richly deserved for the last 40 years.", said Karl Urban.

Mark Taylor:
It's nice to know that we deserved the film five or six years before the comic even started. We must be a really deserving bunch. ;)

Professor Bear:
Bigger numbers sound better when you're puffing up a character's long-term appeal to those not in the know.  Plus it's a round number - easier for the average punter to remember.  

It's far too early to be picking nits based on soundbites like that - Stallone apparently read the original comics by the dozen and look how well that turned out, while Michael Caine didn't even know his character's second name when Batman Begins was already in cinemas.  A bit of distance from the source material does no harm to an actor.

Urban also says in that interview "...back in 1977".

He's obviously just rubbish at sums.

Just because he said forty years doesn't mean he's not a fan. I don't mind if he isn't a fan, hopefully it wont affect the movie. But he may be fan and just, I dunno, said it like that for some reason. It's sometimes what I do, i think right this started in the seventies, it's been forty years since the start of the seventies etc...
Did that make any sense because I've just read it back and it sounds weird.


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