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2000AD movies you'd love to see...

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Funt Solo:
Found this thread after seeing the Earl Reagan model over on the "Activities of the Trapped" thread.

Flesh & Slaughterbowl have already been mooted, and series for Zenith and Halo Jones.


The low hanging fruit of Button Man is currently in development limbo of some kind.


There have been a few monsters-in-war movies, but I still think Fiends of the Eastern Front would be great.

From the modern era, I think the slow-burn madness of Brink would make a great movie or series.

Hope... is pretty much a storyboard already, and another great mash-up concept.

Lobster random

Starring jack Nicholson

Directed by terry Gilliam

The Family would be a sure-fire hit - mafia mobsters with superpowers, with a doomed romance between the mob-boss's daughter and idealistic cop. Loads of tropes to use/subvert, a nice simple narrative arc, with a suitably ambiguous ending to pave the way for a sequel.


--- Quote from: dweezil2 on 17 October, 2020, 10:59:30 AM ---In a parallel universe we got an HBO Halo Jones series!  :D
In an age of post modernist, ironic superhero shows, like The Boys, a Zenith show also seems like an obvious choice!  :)

--- End quote ---

That would be lovely.  I wonder if it should be set in the modern era rather than the 80s?  Baggy, Acid House, retro-60s fashion - I don't know if things like that could possibly be relevant to a modern audience.  It doesn't really depend on the backdrop of huge political issues like the Cold War in the way that, say, Watchmen does, so I think it may well comfortably be moved to the 2020s.

 I'm not sure if Boris would give work to a supersmart pragmatist like Peter St John, though.

Peter St John would BE Boris.


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