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Sleeze ‘N’ Ryder - Digital Edition


Nostalgia is a weird thing you always remember something much better than it really is or it is case when you where age X you loved something, but you are now age Y and the same love is just gone. Now here we are Sleeze ‘N’ Ryder something I read in my youth and how can I put it; it is not good at all. Ennis and Percival some off my favorite people in the comic industry but maybe this is more a case study in how creators have evolved grown and mature. So overall give this a wide miss – sorry two of my favorite creators but it is what it is.

I know exactly what you mean. There's something in the buddy-biker aspect though, and something in Pericval's super-dayglo art, that always makes me think fondly of the strip Totallly agree, as soon as I actually READ the thing it's almost entirely awful.


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