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Meg 445 - Case of Questions

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B/W Cover:

To be fair with the floppy, it’s logical in presenting it as a catch-up to what’s in the current Meg. So fair play on that. Although it also means the Meg remains in my reading queue, because I now want to read the floppy before I read Anderson. As for the rest of it, Lawless was predictably superb, Dredd is action-packed and intriguing, Diamond Dogs ended well, and although mushroom cop has some interesting ideas I’m still finding it hard to care due to the horrible initial episodes. Nice text bit on some more droids who only briefly entered 2000 AD’s orbit.

Colin YNWA:
The Progs a bit woddly at the moment and that's certianly not helped by a floppie which reprints material from like 34 minutes ago, or whatever. I mean really., REALLY.

Inside both Diamond Dogs and Deathcap have what seem like decent episodes, Diamond Dogs being a conclusion. The trouble is its a little too late to make me give a damn about either. Possibly when, on some distant day I find time to re-reead them they may fare better. But for now an almighty shoulder shrug. I mean a really dismissive shoulder shrug.

Anderson fares a little better. Its an intriguing start, as we go back in time to the era of spiritual samuria and Chief PSI Judge Omar's scarifiace and apparently what he set up after... we'll see how it develops

Dredd is pretty good as Joe enters some kinda death match game between 50 Orlok clones and team up with Orlok 13 to escape as Maitland and co launch an all out attack on the Red Queen unaware that Dredd is in there. Somewhere. Action fun.

The laurels are clearly won by Lawless with another brilliant episode as Nerys gives us a half time recap that serves to not only bring us all back up to date but to successfully and exciting drive the story forward. Pettifer has a good grip in what's what and has pieced the clues together and a little more. The trouble is turns out she can't trust the one teddy she thought she could trust. Ain't it always the way. Brilliant as ever.

Some okay text piece round us off and there we have it. If I'm honest a pretty lack luster Meg that should be very grateful to have Lawless.


--- Quote from: broodblik on 15 June, 2022, 04:49:25 PM ---This months meg features the return of Anderson. What is interesting is that the floppy contains a reprint off a few Anderson stories that had a very recent run. Now the more interesting thing is that the one story originally published in prog 2150 "Be PSI-ing you" have been completed remastered. Originally it looked bland and rushed but now it looks amazing.

--- End quote ---

Looking at the original published in Prog 2250, you can see that it was actually not finished - there are a number panels, generally in the 2nd half where there is no background. These have now been added. It’s also not as dark and “force ghost” like effects have been added to the sister.

Overall, not a great Meg, apart from Lawless (obviously) and Diamond Dogs.

Seems like Maura McHugh's Anderson stories would benefit from having shorter gaps between them, considering there's enough ongoing plot elements that it needs the reprints to bring the casual reader up to speed at this point. The story from Prog 2250 was completely impenetrable without that background context, I remember reading that at the time and just thinking "...eh?" Knowing now it was half-finished explains a lot.


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