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--- Quote from: Goaty on 07 December, 2011, 09:01:57 PM ---No wonder why Sean Penn and Jim Carrey pulled out!
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Why were they even IN this ill-conceived abomination for a nano-second?

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I just saw Larry David in that.  As a Nun.  Larry David. Is involved in this. Thing. 

The Farrellys, fair enough, it's well within their ambit, but an actual comedian human? 

What sort of a meeting was that - "Hey, I know, let's make a Three Stooges film, but as a contemporary comedy with people from Glee and Will and Grace and that Jersey Shore thing the kids like.  It'll make a fortune."   After the original 5 (6?) were shat on and exploited for most of their careers by Columbia, it's hard to be surprised that this is what it's come to.

James Stacey:
Fuck me that looks bad

This Is England '88

Lockout.  Umm, is his cellmate secretly a robot by any chance?


--- Quote from: TordelBack on 09 December, 2011, 05:16:10 PM ---Lockout.  Umm, is his cellmate secretly a robot by any chance?

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Bastiches and to think this was directed by two fellas from Ardmore. Traitors.


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