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So, that thing that's been on the side of buses has been released - two episodes in one go.  Think the first one's called Are we there yeti? or something like that.

Paused the first episode halfway through for a smoke and G&T. Very pretty, but not exactly compelling viewing. Will give it another episode or two, but "expensive wallpaper" isn't going to get it any space in my limited viewing time.

A shame. I wanted to like it.

Mister Pops:
The first episode is mostly elves and I've never been a fan of the Tolkien elves*, and here they don't have hobbitses to ground them or a Gandalf type to low-key undermine their pomposity.

There are also prequel problems. The climax of the first episode is bereft of any drama because we already know Galadriel doesn't piss off to Elf Valhalla for all eternity. For all the money spent on that scene, there were some very green-screeney lookin' shots.

Hopefully the dwarves show up in the next episode and provide some much needed shenaniganery.

*I'm an unashamed Elf racist. Creepy supremacist fuckers

I enjoyed both episodes but definitely picks up in the second. Already hits lots of characters to root for.

Never spotted a lot of particularly bad green screen myself.

I fear it's going to get compared a lot to Jackson's movies (naturally) which will be hard on it. And House Of Dragons. I preferred Rings of Power so far

Looks bloody spectacular but hasn’t grabbed me by the goulies yet though I only had time to watch the first episode so far.  The opening scene/battle really looks like something you’d see on the big screen not TV, the flaming eagle crashing down was some of f the most spectacular fantasy imagery I’ve ever seen, makes the recent Wheel of Time series look like low budget drek.  Will watch ep 2 tonight, never read Tolkien but love the Jackson movies so speculation time - So the flaming dude that fell from the sky?  Gandalf or Sauron sneaking his way into the world of man? I mean he has to make the rings and as he is already an established bad guy he is going to have to convince the humans, Elves etc to take said rings and I doubt they would take them off the evil armoured up Sauron so what better way to convince them to take it?  As I said never read Tolkien so it might already be explained in the appendices that they have based the series on.

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