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LotR: Rings of Power

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The Legendary Shark:

I enjoyed it, anyway. The next question is: when I binge it in a month or two will I still enjoy it, enjoy it less or enjoy it more?


--- Quote from: Rusty on 17 October, 2022, 06:05:51 PM ---Probably the worst written TV show I've ever watched. Complete garbage that took a giant shit on Tolkien's works. Bravo, Mr Bezos. Bravo.

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--- Quote from: Tiplodocus on 17 October, 2022, 06:34:19 PM ---"looked like an episode of Hollyoaks" - Nope, don't think it did.

"Woeful acting" - Nope. Certainly some dialogue that seemed clunky but Tolkien uses a lot of archaic languages so some things will sound odd to our ears.

I get that this Guardian reviewer didn't like it but this sort of language and phrasing is internet level shite.

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Oh I now read that. Guardian is terrible always has these type of articles after countless praising.


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