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Star Wars: Andor

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Usual deal applies here, I think. Expect spoilers for everything aired and avoid the thread if you haven’t watched the latest episode. I’m going to spoiler-tag my comments below (even though there are no real spoilers in there) but after that it’s fair game. You have been warned!

I’m not sure about the near-universal praise I’ve seen for this. I’ve watched the first three episodes, and I understand why they dumped the first three on Day One: because basically fuck-all happens in the first two episodes.

Don’t get me wrong — the whole thing looks great and the actors are all excellent. But the first two episodes are barely twenty minutes of plot spread out over eighty minutes. You’re going to have to stick with it, because episode three is actually pretty good but, honestly, getting there is a slog. There are still a few “Wait? What?!” illogicalities, but I’ve resigned myself to those in most modern TV.

It’s a handsome show, with a brilliant cast, which I hope will finally get to shine from Ep4 onwards…

I liked it a lot. But it's not really Star Wars. (Whatever that is)

Bladerunner (even down to the diegetic music), followed by Wall-E with a bit of Lieutenant Gorman (though that character is quickly changing).  We loved it.

The Legendary Shark:

I'm loving this take on the SW universe.

Funt Solo:
I really enjoyed episode #1 - a Star Wars spin-off that stands on its own two feet.


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