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Star Wars: Andor

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I agree it takes too long to get off-planet, but on the plus side, the setting is given some real room to breathe. There's also a refreshing 'everyman' feel to the characters since we haven't yet gotten into any of that pesky Rebellion backdrop. And of course it looks and sounds fantastic, which quite frankly, when you're in the Star Wars universe, is often enough to hold the attention.

The corporate stooge villain is really good too. Unusually nuanced for this sort of thing (especially his reaction to the ass kicking his team received)

Funt Solo:
Like a cross between Agent Cooper (standing in for Gorman) and the marines being handed their asses in Aliens. Really enjoyed the payoff in the third episode.

Great production values, but I just don't care about the character or story.

Slow first couple of episodes but I’m liking it so far. 
Main problem I have is we know Andor dies!!!!!

New season of Rick and Morty has been hitting it out of the park so far 2 for 2 and watching ep3 tonight

Shulkie is pretty good despite a complete lack of overall bad guy or story ark you usually get in these Marvel shows (which honestly is what they were going for).

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