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Megazine / Megazine 399- War on the Law!
« on: 15 August, 2018, 12:08:18 PM »
So a cover of Dredd doing his Zumba class also...
 smart-drug addiction on a university campus in "Brain Drain"; Devlin Waugh's in "Kiss of Death"; "The Returners" will be; Chopper battles to save Oz in "Wandering Soul", and there's the climax of the special Strange Brigade story that is the highlight of the Meg.  and in the bagged supplement this month, Judge Dredd: The Lost Cases, untold tales from the lawman's greatest adventures, scripted by Alan Grant, and featuring the art of David Roach, Anthony Williams, PJ Holden,

All well and good, total oppsite APU of the current Prog.

Updated the title to include the strapline.

Events / edinburgh Festival pintage anyone?
« on: 16 July, 2018, 02:55:36 PM »
How about organising a few pints o pimms over the Festival?

All you medja types will be up to 'do' Edinbra so how about it  :D

As far as I know there is no 2000ad related gigs to hang our collective hats on so its open season! who wants to backout first?


Megazine / Meg 391 Brute Force
« on: 20 December, 2017, 01:24:14 PM »

Off Topic / Does that work in real life?
« on: 19 December, 2017, 11:24:46 AM »
ooookay, there is a load of these and somewhere on the Tinernet it will be addressed, but I thought this is the place for this.

In movies there is stuff that happens that in real life I suspect would get you hurt, or looking like a twat.

The classic is jumping from something and grabbing on with your finger tips... really! I bet some poor bastard has believe that and came a cropper.

But there are things that I do wonder, would that work?

First off: shooting a lock?

Books & Comics / BATMAN White Knight
« on: 08 December, 2017, 07:59:24 PM »
soooo, finally someone writes a Batman story that asks a few questions and challenges a whole load of assumptions.
This is the first Batman story I've enjoyed since Killing Joke.
Sean Murphy's story telling and art are exceptional, unfortunately the reboot button will be hit by DC at the end or Batty will come out on top yawn... Sean address's so much that is crap with the whole Gotham thing, it might be hard putting this joker back in the pack.


News / Dredd spotting in the USA
« on: 01 November, 2017, 11:41:37 AM »
Oh I'm sure we've done this before but Old Stoney Face turns up in the most unlikely places...
So can we list them?

I'll start  :D

While listening to the Audio book of The Late Show by  Harry Bosch author Michael Connelly

the lead detective has to google Lawmaster, so Dredd, 2000ad and his bike get a mention, wonder if he's a fan?


Film & TV / Gotham series 3
« on: 28 August, 2017, 06:35:08 PM »
Not on the telly for ages but coming out on DVD...WTF!  :o

Books & Comics / Sean Phillips and Ed Brubaker's: Kill or be Killed
« on: 17 August, 2017, 12:27:35 PM »
Anyone else onto this?

I was hesitant at first, but on the strength of The Fade Out, I can along for the ride.Great story telling and 4th wall breaking, you?

Books & Comics / Judge Dredd The Blessed Earth (IDW)
« on: 26 July, 2017, 01:45:49 PM »

Okay so volume 3 out now and, well it does seem to be Dredd ( Comportment aside) but, the story telling jumps about ( even on a train)  so much it is difficult to care, and the colour of people's hair seems to change from panel to panel so you question if its a new character.

Worrying that this is how the Yankee readers will know Dredd.

Website and Forum / Godpleton's Thin Ice Awards 2017
« on: 06 June, 2017, 06:52:05 PM »
Its been a while, so we need a new Mayor, Best Thread and bestest Boarder Awards:

Just say why and who.  :D

Website and Forum / Can't upload an avatar
« on: 03 June, 2017, 01:31:29 PM »
Can't upload an avatar, have also tried inserting the generic ones on the modify page with no luck. Is it me?

Other Reviews / Anderson: The Deep end
« on: 24 May, 2017, 02:45:56 PM »
Picked up Anderson in FP and rather good!
Anyone else good it?
or have I missed the thread  :-[

Prog / Prog 2030 Fearful Symmetry
« on: 06 May, 2017, 02:13:01 PM »
Burning Bright indeed!

Stunning cover that really jumps out at you, modern, clean and hi-tech without losing the human element.
Nice one INJ.

TMO goads us with his magnificence then tells us Greysuit is returning  :'(
Damage report uses the old BFH!

Dredd: Eglington and Dyer ( and Blythe and Parkhouse) deliver a pitchperfect tale:loverly set up, is that Dredd or another couple of Helmets ? don't see the Badge but they have his deportment.

Defoe: McNeil continues to make this interesting, the random appearance of reeks seems....well random.

Brink: totally wonderful. nice pacing, great breadcrumb trail and stunning art and colouring, layout and lettering help make this cracking stuff.

Scarlet Traces:totally wonderful. nice pacing and stunning art and colouring, layout and lettering help make this cracking stuff.

Cursed, for me, none of the above. But five pages with one small speech balloon is a brave bit of storytelling and I salute it!

But'man: There's a letters page with pics! fire up the beast  ;)

Praise the Lard! advert for latest Hachette 'Fast Food' on back page.


Megazine / Meg 383 Riot Act!
« on: 15 April, 2017, 01:40:44 PM »
Cover: stunning stuff, how many links on the chain? ;)

Dredd: a great set up action, humour and detective story all in good measure.

Text: Dermot Power chats, new chaps too and a promos for a road rage comic and the Last American.

Havn: works for me, enough to hook into the brain and carried well by the artwork.

Anderson: slightly underawed by this can't put my finger on why.

Lawless: continues the high level of inventiveness and character building. nice finale.

No letters page  :-X

Prog / Prog 2027 - Lawman of Steel
« on: 15 April, 2017, 01:29:29 PM »
Nice cover: could see that used in the Hatchette series

Nerve Centre: Is that Trapper Hag? Poor Roxilla bites the dust finally.

Dredd: well that's not going to end well, Loving story and art.

Defoe: The Happy Shrapnel  droid is knocking it out the park, Defoe coming across as Dredd rather than a Leveller.

Brink really growing on me, intrigued.

Scarlet Traces charging along at a cracking pace, great stuff, lube all round.

Cursed: just not for me the art or the story.

Letters half page and what looks like great craik in NornIron/sixcount'ems.

Top proggage!

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