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Moore 5
Hogan 0

Telguuth, Future Shocks. But for Telguuth alone he walks it.

Steve Moore invented the Future Shocks and wrote some really great ones, plus i love pretty much all of Tales of Telguuth. I can't remember much about Peter Hogan's take on Robo-Hunter other than it being a improvement on the Millar version, which wasn't too difficult, and I remember enjoying Timehouse.

Steve Moore 4, Peter Hogan 1.
General / Re: Steve Moore or Peter Hogan - Writers Solhiem Cup - Tie 5
« Last post by Magnetica on Today at 08:10:27 AM »
I only vaguely remember Steve Moore’s future shocks, but if they are the ones I think they are, a couple were brilliant.

But mostly on the basis of Peter Hogan’s version of Robo-Hunter, Timehouse and Zaucer of Zilk, I’m going to score this:

Steve Moore 5 : 0 Peter Hogan.

Sorry they just weren’t for me.
General / Re: Steve Moore or Peter Hogan - Writers Solhiem Cup - Tie 5
« Last post by broodblik on Today at 07:08:48 AM »
Steve Moore 3: Peter Hogan 2

We must also take this in perspective that although guys like Pat and John is still writing or at least still contributed recently to the prog they are still classic writers in my viewpoint.
Off Topic / Re: Y'know what really grinds my gears?
« Last post by Jim_Campbell on Today at 06:51:40 AM »
I firmly believe that poorer people spend more money than rich.

Being poor is expensive — the oft-quoted "Vimes' Boots" passage by Terry Pratchett is actually spot-on.*

There are lots of studies that show this. Poor people pay more for almost everything — their utilities are often on pay meters, which are the most expensive way to pay for electricity and gas, they only have access to the most expensive forms of credit (payday loans, overdrafts, often unauthorised), even toilet roll.

There was a study on toilet rolls (albeit as a proxy for a wider range of goods) — people on higher incomes buy toilet rolls when the big multi-packs are on special and get a fuckton of 'em. People on low income don't have the cash in their pocket to do that, so buy the more expensive four and two packs when they run out, paying whatever price they happen to be at that exact moment.

It's almost like the entire system is designed to enforce inequality and keep those on lowest incomes firmly in their place. And, yes, that grinds my fucking gears.

*Oddly enough, I was thinking about this only yesterday, as I put on a pair of boots that cost me an absolute fortune — I think they were £180 when I bought them twenty years ago. So, basically, they've cost me £9/year and are still going strong. Good luck getting a £9 pair of trainers or shoes to last much more than a year.
This one is drawing to a close. Will it be another confident victory for Team Current? Maybe they seem to have a strong start but you still have a day to get your votes in. Counting up in the morning.

As for me well this one is a little tough. The issue isn't who will win but how much to recognise the other writer. I really like a good chunk of what Alan McKenzie did in the Prog. Summer Magic is great I like Brigand Doom and yep Soul Gun Warrior really worked. Pete Milligan outside the Prog I find a bit hit and miss, Tharg however gets the best out of him. Forget Bad Company which we all know is fantastic (including the two most recent series), let's talk Counterfeit Girl, Shadows, The Dead, Sooner and Later, Hewligan's Haircut, Tribal Memories... so many mini classic. I'd like to give him a whitewash I enjoy his work so much BUT...

Alan McKenzie 1 : Pete Milligan 4
General / Steve Moore or Peter Hogan - Writers Solhiem Cup - Tie 5
« Last post by Colin YNWA on Today at 06:27:58 AM »
Team Classic vs. Team Current
Only work for Tharg to be Considered

Steve ‘No relative’ Moore is possibly best known by some as the mentor to Alan ‘Also no relative’ Moore - which is a shame as it utterly underplays his contribution to the Prog. For many the master of the done in one, introducing Future Shocks* AND Tales of Telguuth to the Prog. He’s a true legend of the UK comic scene. Peter Hogan on the other hand has probably done some of his most famous work (outside of Tharg’s so not relevant here) spinning off from the work of Moore. His recent contribution to Zaucer of Zilk, which qualified him for this tourney shows that with Tharg however bumpy his road he’s still a class act.

*Is this true or just some bastard rumour in my addled memory?

Time for you to decide your favourite as the droids square up to the tee…

Steve Moore - more info

Peter Hogan - more info

Remember for this tourney you have 5 votes to distribute as you please between these two artists, whole numbers only. So you can vote 5 - 0; 4 - 1; or 3 - 2; either way depending on how much more you like one artist's work over the other.

If you can’t be doing with that just name your favourite - remember bold tags, or other ways of highlighting always appreciated - and I’ll give them 3 votes and nowt to the other droid.

Three day votes, so this one ends morning of Thursday 24th June

Remember we only consider work for Tharg in these Tourneys

What the heck is all this about - well we have a thread for that

How does this voting work? Look here

I don’t understand how this works, what are the rules of the Solhiem Cup - yep got ya covered there too

Anything else just ask and I’ll make something up. Most importantly, have fun!

Pretty cut and dry this one. It would have been a much more interesting and tense vote I suspect if we'd open things up beyond Tharg's watch BUT that's not the tourney we have and so however devisive some of Rob Williams recent work is there was no stopping him rule the rooster over a writer who may have learnt his craft with Tharg but has taken those lessons elsewhere.

Overall the tight result for Team Current yesterday is backed up by this far more one sided affair to give them a confident start. One suspects Team Classic have far more to come...

Team Current 2 : Team Classic 0

Team Current 122 : Team Classic 73
Off Topic / Re: Y'know what really grinds my gears?
« Last post by milstar on Today at 05:08:26 AM »

When people who have been camping here try to slip away without paying and then get all belligerent and shouty when foiled.

Camper: "See my effing van? It's worth more than everything else on this entire effing country bumpkin site!"

Me: "Cool. You should be easily able to pay the forty two quid you owe us then, eh?"

Camper: "Pfah! Nobody carries that much money around with them, you effing effer."

Camper's wife: "Here's £45 - do you have change?"

Me: "Certainly, thank you."

Camper: "You stupid effing [female canine]!"

Doesn't happen very often at all, thankfully, but when it does being polite but firm has (so far) worked well.

This reminds me on a joke. A student has an exam, so he is required to pull one of the notes in front of his professor, with a question and answer it. The student pulls one and says:"oh, this is too easy, I didn't study hard for trite questions. Not gonna answer this". The professor goads him then into the second. The same thing happens. On the third, he reads it and then admonished, almost whispers:"well, shit".

Yep. Happens all the time. How do you think rich people get rich? It's not by paying what they owe.

I firmly believe that poorer people spend more money than rich.
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