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TH Comics Presents: FLY!



My 12 year old son has written and drawn a complete graphic novel called FLY - from his blurb (he wrote the blurb)

Finn is a teenager who works at a trash job in a trashy home but little did he know his life would take a turn for the worst when a speeding car runs him over and he ends up in hell. Since he didn’t live a good life he was turned into his least favourite animal, a fly and since he didn’t go into the brain crusher he still has all his memories of being a human! Can Finn convince his friend that it’s really him and can they find a way out of this mess?!

It's a complete 60+ page graphic novel!

Colin YNWA:
That is hilarious.

"Oh Hi Satan - fancy seeing you here" = Gold

And I'm very fond of gun toting God as well.

My one question is that the Brain Crusher page 14 of part to? If not we need to see the Brain Crusher - even if Hell is over - that sounded cool!


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