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Advice on posting original art

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--- Quote from: Jim_Campbell on 01 September, 2021, 09:46:28 AM ---Original art can crack when rolled. Painted, obviously, but also B&W.
--- End quote ---
Yeah that makes sense. I've only ever had to ship inks/pencils and watercolours/gouache for repro. That's all very flexible. A few artists ship to us flat, so we send it back flat as well.

Thanks for the advice, guys. Very, very much appreciated.

Or, preferable, meet at a Con or event to drop it off in person...... then you know it actually gets to the (correct!) person.

A quick follow-up question to this.
Is anything needed to cover the artwork before placing it between cardboard?

Barrington, you mentioned a plastic envelope between the art and card. Is there a danger some of the ink will stick to the plastic if it's pressed too hard? - I've looked at old pages of my own stuff in a portfolio and seen that part of the artwork has ended up on the plastic  wallets.

I usually use paper - either from a large roll or, if I’ve run out, several sheets of A4 overlapping and taped together.


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