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I just read this on Mills twitter feed:

Clint is currently completing the Joe Pineapples Tin Man story. It's 11 episodes. Simon Bisley did the first two and Clint the remainder. I've seen most of the art and some of the colour and it all looks excellent to me. Maybe out next year. 8 years in the making!!

That’s going to be quite the art jolt.

The Monarch:
all that time in the pipeline and he only managed two episodes?!?

I'm not being funny, but what does Bisley do these days? His comic output has been negligible for a long time. Is he mostly doing commissions or working in a different sector like games?

Are we going to get a recap to remember what was going on with Joe Pineapples 8 years ago? Not that I recall him having much int he way of character development since 'Khronikles of Khaos'. I guess there was that time he had an affair with the President of Mars's wife? Or was that a flashback?

Nevertheless, I'm genuinely excited to see this; that one episode of the Gothic Empire where Joe is undercover in a poker game was just SO GOOD, and the much-repeated sequences of Joe sniping people from ludicrous distances are always a joy to watch.


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