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General / A question that drives me nuts!
« on: 15 April, 2017, 03:51:28 PM »
I was looking for a general thread where you might ask some question that might seem odd. Maybe "stupid questions" or something. Didn't really see anything like that, so I figured I'd start one. Just the kind of things you notice in stories that don't ever seem to be explained, or commented on in any way.

This may be one of them, or not. Maybe it's been explained or mentioned in some story I've just never read.

What's the deal with...
     Johnny Alpha's helmet?

a.  Judge Dredd has one, and Johnny wanted to keep up with the Judges.

b.  It keeps his head from getting bashed in, and/or is bullet and rad-proof.

c.  His brain's electrical activity generates alpha waves (emitted through his eyes). The helmet shields against and contains the excess radiation from dispersing, with might otherwise be detectable to anyone with the the right kind of scanner, so he can't be picked out of crowd or a hiding place.

d.  How the hell should I know? Go ask Carlos Ezquerra.

e.  It's practical for head-butting.

f.   Both  b. and e.

g.  No reason, it just looks cool.

h.  None of the above.

Essay portion:
  What's that odd-shaped nosecone thing on the front of his helmet over the center of his forehead?

  And what about those two oval-shaped raised pieces on either side?

Serious answers and jokes acceptable. Feel free to post your own questions that drive you nuts.

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