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Bastard Zane for the win.

It makes the fatal error of having a Death Planet that doesn't seem that deadly and indeed the final threat is a bunch of Pirate types.

Yeah I was all up for a Helltrekkers style gradual elimination of the survivors by the deadly planet. I'm not sure why we needed the space priate plot at all. And the ending was pants.

For my money, Zombo was never quite as good as that first series, because it lost that Death Planet vibe - I loved that each episode ended with a survivor count - 'Four survivors remaining!' Week-on-week that made it a whole lotta fun.

I'm still sad that Tharg never picked up Nigel Dobbyn's '101 Gronks' pitch.

Zombo always fell really flat for me after an amazing first series due to that and the comedy songs and zane. He’s a great character but badly deployed imho. That dredd meeting was good tho.

Diaboliks is my jam

If the treasury of British comics printed Death Planet you’d all be all over it. It’s great.

Reprinted by Rebellion a year or two before Treasury was launched.

Planet of the Damned / Death Planet double feature

Entirely missing the point there S-dawg.

If the treasury of British comics printed Death Planet you’d all be all over it. It’s great.

News / Re: Hawk the slayer coming to 2000AD
« on: 19 November, 2021, 01:50:09 PM »
Is only the first issue in the Meg or is the whole thing going to be there?

Black museum easy win.

Really and Trully for the art. Storm warning just never landed for me.

Lilly, I would read books of that if someone allowed SF the freedom to do it. Fun beautiful euro-space comics.

Angel zero definitely suffered from not being Dante. A bit like David moyes at United.

Still it gets the vote.

Disaster all the way.


Of its time but better than….

God Lord people. You all deserve to be stuck in hell with the Spin Doctors devil.  :o :o

Don't stress it - its all probably just an over elaborate plot to get Past Imperfect to win the whole thing...


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