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Sancho Panzer

Mach Zero is on the small list of thrills I’ve never read, but given its up against Valkyries, it’s no contest: MACH 0.

Counterfeit Girl

Low Life.

Because it gave us Trifecta.


I kinda feel neither of these quite lived up to their potential.

Max Normal took one of the best supporting characters in Dredd’s world and some how made him less interesting the more we got to know about him.

Lilly MacKenzie never quite clicked with me though.

And so I’m struggling to make a choice.

Hmmm….Lilly MacKenzie.

A thrill I have absolutely no memory of, versus one of the most memorable thrills ever.

No contest: Blackhawk all the way.

General / Re: Prog drought!
« on: 13 January, 2022, 01:18:35 PM »
Does anyone know when the Megazine comes out?

I ask as I’ve just been down to WHSmith and they seem to have the next issue, but I’ve not received my subscription copy yet and there is no thread for it in the review section yet.

Mercy Heights but not because I have much love for it.

A bit like broodblik I going to abstain, but not because I haven’t read Badlands rather I don’t remember it.

Just checkin'... this is for the Middenface solo stories that are not 'Young Middenface', which we already voted on a while back?
So basically that one fun John McCrea strip from way back in Volume 1 of the Megazine?

Yeah that's right anything labelled Young Middenface has been included in the earlier vote... well in my head at least!

Oh I see; I hadn’t taken that into account. But I’m still not voting for Blunt.

I never thought Red Razors was as bad as it’s made out to be, so I’m going to vote for it.

I like Blunt a little bit more than I do Death Planet.

Given that my vote goes to Mrs McNulty’s wee bairn.

I kinda forget how much Robbie Morrison has done, and only ever think of Dante. But hey I loved the Bendatti Vendetta too and of course there’s Shakara.

But neither of these were really my cup of tea. One went on far too long and the other wasn’t really good enough to get a second series. But if I’ve got to choose one, it will have to be Shimura. Even if I never did get round to reading the collected edition I won as a prize for getting a letter published in the Megazine.

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