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Also read Glimmer Rats (for the first time) recently in the Ultimate Collection. Grim and gritty for sure but Gordon is doing this kind of stuff better now in Jaegir I think. And as I voted against DR&Q's inaugural story earlier this week it only seems right to redress the balance here.

DR & Quinch.

Some Time Twisters are absolute classics, giving us the likes of Chronocops and DR & Quinch. Rogue is a masterclass in world-building and has some fantastic art, plus Cinnabar.

Difficult one but on balance I'm going for Rogue Trooper.


Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 23 May, 2022, 06:15:27 PM »
The Revere cover also credits Milligan and Belardinelli, so that'll be The Dead - will be great to have that in hardcover.

Strange and Darke.


Strontium Dogs.

Much of Zenith is great, including the way it all ties in together, but Wagner and Ranson were on absolutely top form all the way through, so it has to be Button Man.

Deus ex Machina is another great Smith/Marshall collaboration, and there are some great ideas across the rest of the stories, so I'm going to be contrary and vote for Tyranny Rex.

Lobster Random was a lot of fun but against Milligan and Belardinelli's phantasmagorical feast there's only one way my vote can go.

The Dead.

Harlem Heroes.

These are both really good. Going to go with Necronauts.

Mazeworld. Brilliant stuff from Grant and Ranson.

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