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Tough choice but Judge Child clinches it

The Day the Law Died on the other hand is epic: it has Cal, Fish and the Kleggs, plus the Aaaron A Aaardvark gag and some classic artwork. And it also has my vote!

The Aaaron A Aardvark gag still makes me laugh, as does the whole movie audition : sizing up Conrad Conn's head and 'The midget will do. Have the others put down, Slocum.'

The Day the Law Died

I never read Cursed Earth in the prog, instead getting around to it in the mid 80s in a collected edition. I'd heard about the excised chapters but never read them....and that sums up the weakness of The Cursed Earth. The fact that I had read this saga multiple times and not missed the four missing chapters speaks volumes about the structure. It made me look at other chapters - Dark Autumn, Loser's Leap - and realise that they too, while being cool to look at, did not add much.

Origins all the way.

I love Dredd stories when JD is just a bit player and Mandroid might be the best of all of these....plus we get to see more Dredd empathy than in Case for Treatment and Wounded Heart combined.

But, sorry Nate,

Tour of Duty is a colossus.

The 5th season of The Sopranos did something really interesting. It introduced a raft of yesterday's gangsters convicted in a huge FBI sting, now newly released after a two decade stretch in prison. It was great sociological storytelling, focussing on how some slipped right back into their old lives, some butted heads and some simply could not adjust. Enceladus could have been so, so much better had Rob Williams gone down that route rather than, ahem, ice zombies.

I understand Kenneth Niemand is exploring something similar with A Penitent Man in the upcoming prog, but imagine the same theme with 500 judges brought back from Titan in the aftermath of DoC. The Grand Hall desperate for able-bodies and willing to commute sentences.

That said, Titan is so strong; the art so good and, despite the supernatural silliness, Enceladus wraps up Aimee Nixon's story nicely.

Titan / Enceladus gets my vote.

sad to see The Pit fall so soon. it's a first class epic but not sure much can stand against its opponent.

Apocalypse War is my vote.

General / Re: Dredd Epics Ranked - Better! Round 10 - SEEDINGS
« on: 27 March, 2021, 07:39:10 AM »
You inspired me to look these out:



General / Re: Dredd Epics Ranked - Better! Round 10 - SEEDINGS
« on: 26 March, 2021, 08:51:55 AM »
No contest as to the best of the bunch here. Judge Child has everything you want to from an epic - a fabulous mcguffin in the form of Owen Krysler; legendary antagonists; meaningful world-building (I'll take the three episodes in Memphis over the whole of The Cursed Earth) and a great balance of humour (Mean stuck on 4 1/2) with high terror (Old Joe Blind; Lopez under the influence).

And then that ending. "I see only...Evil"

What elevates it even further is that all three artists are drawing to their strengths and illustrate the perfect episodes. No one could have evoked the Jigsaw Man as well as Bolland did, nor Murd the Opressor as gloriously as McMahon...and neither could have drawn the Pazaaz war wheels as well as Ron Smith.


Judge Child
Tour of Duty

General / Re: Dredd Epics Ranked - Better! Vote for positions 28 - 21
« on: 26 March, 2021, 05:28:29 AM »
Every Empire Falls
Beyond the Call of Duty
Block Judge

General / Re: Dredd Epics Ranked - Better! Vote for positions 20-17
« on: 25 March, 2021, 01:36:44 PM »
Despite not previously voting once for COTD, I've been recently won over by both Wolfie and BPP so, 

City of the Damned
The Small House

General / Re: Dredd Epics Ranked - Better! Round 9
« on: 23 March, 2021, 11:38:20 AM »
oh Stomm, picking only three of these is pure Sophie's Choice.

with sincere apologies to the great Necropolis and Small House (hey, perhaps if you live to fight another day you will get a future vote from me)

Tour of Duty
The Pit

General / Re: Dredd Epics Ranked - Better! Vote for positions 28 - 21
« on: 22 March, 2021, 12:15:57 PM »
Beyond the Call of Duty
Every Empire Falls
Block Judge

General / Re: Dredd Epics Ranked - Better! Round 8
« on: 19 March, 2021, 11:23:17 AM »
Tour of Duty
Every Empire Falls


Very recently read Block Judge for the first time ever. Absolutely great but not quite 'epic'.

General / Re: Dreddverse Map
« on: 17 March, 2021, 06:42:06 AM »
isn't Ciudad Barranquila on the site of present day Barranquila, on the northern coast of Colombia?

and since we are talking Latin America, Guatemala needs an entry.

Great Map.

General / Re: Dredd Epics Ranked - Better! Vote for positions 36 - 29
« on: 15 March, 2021, 05:05:07 PM »
Sin City
Judgement on Gotham
Judge Dredd Vs Aliens - Incubus
Good Crossover that respected and stayed within the universe rules for both parties. Nice conclusion to the Bones story too.

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