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Lettering with Illustrator: A Guide to Download!

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In light of my ongoing failure to get a web version of the tutorial up, I've compiled all six posts into a 40-page (3Mb) PDF document and tidied them up slightly.

You can download this document here.

I shall un-sticky the previous thread, and sticky this one instead. Any further questions, stick 'em up here.



That's brilliant, Jim.

What a gent, giving away all your trade secrets (well, expert knowledge) for a better comics world.

Mike Gloady:
What kindness.

I feel I may almost owe you a pint now......  GRRRRR!

Ok ok.  Get that pencil out, "Mike Gloady - 1"

Awesome, thanks for this!
Got a possible thing coming off soon and I've been pegged as letterer as its all being done on the cheap and nasty. Sure this will be loads of help and dont worry, I wont credit your help when my crappy efforts are done  :)

Nice one. Appreciate you doing this.



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