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The Legendary Shark:

Now retired, legendary Twoothy artist Ron Smith had one of the most unique and instantly recognizable styles ever to grace our beloved organ. I could go on and on praising the man here but I'd be preaching to the converted, so... it has been suggested that we say thank you to Ron for the pleasure he has given us through his work over the years. But, how to do this? Simple!

Following on from the successful and eye-wateringly touching "Get Well Carlos" project we ran earlier, I suggest embarking on an entirely similar project this time around. Every one of you is invited to contribute to this project and lack of artistic talent is absolutely no bar whatsoever. You can submit a photocopy of a scribbled note on a wine-stained napkin if you like, or a poem, a letter, a drawing, a comic strip, a poster - anything at all (so long as it's respectful, of course). The brief is simple: To say "thank you" to Ron Smith for the part he has played in your enjoyment of comics or how he has inspired you.

Again, I suggest just a single and unique hard copy that will be posted to Ron and two digital pdf versions - a high-res unwatermarked contributors' copy and a low-res watermarked public copy for anyone to download. Once again, NO MONEY WILL BE MADE FROM THIS. It is a labour of love, not a marketing exercise. Any contributions will remain the copyright of the creator but all I ask is that you hold back from showing your submissions off elsewhere until Ron receives his hard copy.

For the moment, please send all contributions to: thanks_ron at sharkpool dot co dot uk 

Contributions should be A4/A5 size/aspect in jpg/pdf or tiff formats, CMYK colour - and try to keep the file sizes under 3MB if possible.

I'll put a tentative initial deadline on this of December 31st this year - although this may change if there is sufficient need.

So, all you droids, squaxx and lurkers out there - what do you think? Are you in?

nice one sir.
I'm in again if thats cool.

Im away for a week as of tomorrow morning but can pimp it on the website if you want.

The Legendary Shark:
Thank you, Sir, pimpage would be most welcome! (If there's one thing I learned from last time, it's get the message out there early - so, please feel free to email everyone you know about this SPREAD THE WORD!)

I seem to remember that you were the first one in last time, too...

Great idea , again. Ron must have had a pretty crap time with you know what , so this is bound to cheer him up. Very deserving.
Pity I can't draw , write witticisms and the like. But there are more than enough squaxx on here to do it justice.

The Legendary Shark:
All you have to do is write something in black ink on white card - something as simple as "Thanks Ron, Love John Whoever", scan or photograph it and then email it to me. Just like signing a normal card. A load of those would look great either scattered throughout the book or gathered together on their own pages. That's just as good as a fully painted portrait or a 6 panel strip.

It's the thought that counts.


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