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Keef Monkey:
We've got the butchered songs thread so seems only fair to have one of these!

I'll get the ball rolling with this -

It's a pretty revered song and quite a dramatic re-tooling so probably won't appeal to all, but in terms of taking a song I've never been all that fussed about and making it something I really like it's probably one of the most successful covers I've heard. MJK's voice has a lot to do with it of course, he is silk to the ears.

Electric Eel Shock do some awesomely silly covers and are playing about the place this month.

La la la la la la la

Oh also the gloriously named Atomic Bitchwax heavy-up early Floyd well.

Jupiter and Saturn - Oberon, Miranda and Titania

The plague that makes your booty move, it's the Infectious Grooves!

flip-r mk2:
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