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Author Topic: The 2000 AD Artwork Gallery - major update  (Read 1659 times)


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The 2000 AD Artwork Gallery - major update
« on: 23 October, 2014, 10:46:59 AM »
I've just finished adding a wide range of artwork that I've just bought in, and I've also put prices on some pages in my personal collection, to cover the cost of the full Leviathan's Farewell story (including script), a Dan Dare DPS from prog 4 and an ABC Warriors page by SMS.

Apologies for the image-heavy post. For more pics please go to http://www.2000ad.org/artwork/ and look under Miscellaneous.

Pages include:
The "Get Everything on an Even Keel" page from V.C.s by Cam Kennedy

Strontium Dog and ABC Warriors by Carlos Ezquerra

Judge Dredd and Slaine by Greg Staples

Judge Anderson and a Judge Dredd cover by Mick Austin

Ro-Busters by Mike McMahon

A Feral cover by Nigel Dobbyn

Judge Dredd (both early and coloured) by Ron Smith

A Devlin Waugh cover by Sean Phillips

Bradley by Simon Harrison

My Brett Ewins Major Magnum page is also for sale, plus I've listed several pages from Brett including a complete Future Shock, the cover of Eathside 8...a failed 2000 AD spinoff and most of the Dr. Panic story from the 1979 annual.

I'm happy to put pages on reserve for a month or two if you need to wait until pay day or consider trades.




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Re: The 2000 AD Artwork Gallery - major update
« Reply #1 on: 23 October, 2014, 10:25:39 PM »
Some great page there Wake, love the Skreemer pages, I could never make out where Ewins started and Dillon finished, perfect blend of both.