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Author Topic: Round 1: 1 - Michael Carroll or Pat Mills - Ultimate Not Wagner Tourney  (Read 1732 times)

Colin YNWA

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Well there aren't many in this Tourney that will challenge the second seed and so it was this round. Though far to say there was been a lot of love for the magnificent work of newcomer (giggle) Michael Carroll and we see the cruelty of the first past the post system. As it is a much deserved win for

Pat Mills


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Pat Mills.  Must be a nightmare to work with, he's written some of the most turgid pages of comic I've ever written, but when he's on form, he is 2000AD.


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He's been around since the very beginning, he's the grandaddy, his political satire is not so much a nod as nut to the bridge of the nose. His output in recent years has put me right off reading his stuff - I actually skip those pages now. He's Pat Mills.

I'm voting Mike. His stuff is readable and entertaining.
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Rogue Judge

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I missed this vote...and since it dosen't count anyway I'm calling a tie! Mills is extremely hit and miss for me having many highs but also lows. Carroll is just so consistently good. I've gotta go, I'm sore from sitting on this fence.


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Poor Michael. He's a fine writer but Pat is a legend. Mills for me.