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Author Topic: The Cartoon Museum gains almost £100K in National Lottery Heritage Fund support  (Read 583 times)


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Great news for this really great little museum.

Trooper McFad

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It is a great little museum, I dragged the Mrs in when we were down in London Town for the 40th bash. Good to see these little gems getting some help and hope these type of  “local” Museum’s survive the pandemic.
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I was down in London last year and decided to revisit as it had been a few years - looked up the address and spent ages walking up and down the street failing to find it ... was closed for refurb  ::)

Definitely on my list for my next visit, it's a tiny but fascinating place. Great news about the funding


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Not open at the moment, but for those who went to it after the 40th - it's moved!
63 Wells Street

(just off Oxford Street)

The Doctor Alt 8

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I've been trying to drag my mates to visit that place for years....