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Simon Fraser:
My wife Edie Nugent and I have been meaning to read through the whole of The Adventures of Nikolai Dante from beginning to end. So we decided not only to do that now, but also record it as a Podcast. Because social isolation for 12 months makes you do ... possibly regrettable things. So if you're interested in me recounting all the nitty-gritty details that I remember poorly from 20 odd years ago, coupled with a progressive American take, then this is the PODCAST FOR YOU! If you want to read along but don't have all the issues in question, then these nice people will sell you them for a reasonable price
We're releasing it as a special sneak preview exclusively for this message board, with not one ,but TWO episodes of the Podcast online for your amusement. Please bear in mind that we're new at this , so there are likely to be some issues that we haven't ironed out yet. Feedback is welcome. Here or on Twitter @podTGDR .
Episode 1 : The Adventures of Nikolai Dante
Episode 2 : The Romanov Dynasty

Colin YNWA:
Wow - that sounds fantastic. Thanks for flagging this - a defo listen...

I want to thank you for creating one of  my all time favourite stories. Will be listening....

Excellent! I've just finished my own Dante reread courtesy of those lovely Hachette hardbacks so it's still fresh in my mind. The creator interviews and recollections in those were always a good read, so I'm looking forward to listening to this queuing up dozens of episodes of this that I really am going to listen to when I get a minute. (I feel shamed when my phone passively-aggressively tells me it's stopped downloading new episodes of my favourite podcasts because I'm clearly not interested in listening to the ones in the queue, so I don't know whyI bother, you ungrateful human.)

Funt Solo:
Some odd formatting on these forum tables, but here's where you can find the stories in the original progs, and who did the art:

The Adventures of Nikolai Dante19971035-1041Simon FraserThe Romanov Dynasty19971042-1049Simon FraserRussia's Greatest Love Machine19971066Chris WestonThe Gentleman Thief19971067-1070Simon FraserThe Full Dante19971071Charlie AdlardMoscow Duellists19971072-1075Simon FraserThe Gulag Apocalyptic19981079-1082Henry FlintThe Trouble With Arbatous19981083Simon FraserCruel Britannia19981084Simon FraserThe Great Game19981101-1110Simon FraserThe Octobrianna Seduction19981113-1116Andy ClarkeThe Masque Of Dante1998-19991125-1127Charlie AdlardThe Moveable Feast19991128-1130Simon FraserTour Of Duty19991131-1133Charlie AdlardThe Cadre Infernale19991134-1137Simon FraserThe Hunting Party19991139-1140Andy ClarkeFists Of Fury19991141Charlie AdlardLast Dance On The Trans-Siberian Express19991142-1143Charlie AdlardCruel Seas19991148-1149John BurnsRequiem For Lost Love19991150John BurnsThe Courtship Of Jena Makarov19991161-1172Simon FraserLove And War1999p2000Simon FraserThe Rudinshtein Irregulars20001183-1190John BurnsLove And War20001200-1207John BurnsBattleship Potemkin20001213-1220Simon FraserOne Last Night In The House Of Sin2000p2001John BurnsThe Beguiling20011234-1235Steve YeowellFiends20011236-1239Steve YeowellThe Romanov Empire20011250-1262John BurnsThe Return Of The Gentleman Thief2001-2002p2002, 1273-1274Simon FraserThe Romanov Job20021280-1287Simon FraserHell And High Water2002-2003p2003, 1322-1328John BurnsThe Sea Falcon2003p2004John BurnsAgent Of Destruction2004-2005p2005,1420-1427John BurnsHow Could You Believe Me When I Said I Loved You…20051428-1431John BurnsPrimal Screams20051433-1436John BurnsDevil's Deal2005p2006John BurnsUsurper20061487-1489John BurnsThe Depths20061500-1501John BurnsDragon's Island20061502-1507John BurnsSword of the Tsar20061511-1516Simon FraserThe Road Of Bones2006p2007John BurnsDeadlier Than The Male20071518-1520John BurnsHellfire20071526-1531Simon FraserThe Beast of Rudinshtein20071532-1535John BurnsThe Dissenter20071537John BurnsThieves' World20071538-1544Simon FraserThe Chaperone20071560-1564John BurnsDestiny's Child2007p2008John BurnsThe Tsar's Daughter20081578-1580John BurnsAmerika20081589-1599Simon FraserPrisoner of the Tsar20081612-1616John BurnsBring Me The Head of Nikolai Dante2008p2009John BurnsAn Army of Thieves and Whores20091629-1634Simon FraserLulu's War20091651-1654Paul MarshallHero of the Revolution2009-2010p2010, 1666-1675John BurnsHeroes Be Damned20101679-1684Simon FraserA Farewell to Arms20101685Simon FraserCity of the Damned20101700-1704Simon FraserThe Master of Kronstadt20101705-1708John BurnsThe Memoirs of Nikolai Dante20111731Simon FraserBad Blood20111732-1736Simon FraserThe Wedding of Jena Makarov2011-2012p2012, 1764-1773Simon FraserThe Dante Gambit20121774-1779John BurnsSympathy for the Devil20121786-1791Simon FraserDevil May Care20172K40Simon Fraser


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