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Books! Books for sale!


Richmond Clements:
EDIT! Found a few more.

We're moving in a couple of weeks and the less I have to carry the better!

So, I have there 2000AD books for sale (there's probably more as I search shelves).

Judge Dredd miniatures game HB - £10
Black Hawk - £10
Strontium Dog (original Titan edition) -£10

£4 P&P

The following all £4 + £4 P&P:

Defoe 1666
Mega City Vice Book Three
Dredd Vs Aliens Incubus
Rogue Trooper The Future of War
Slaine: The Horned God 3 (Ex-library edition)
Dredd Satan's Island
Red Razors
Dante: The Great Game
The Red Seas: Under the Banner of King Death
Durham Red: The Vermin Stars
Carver Hale: Twisting the Knife (hb)


Richmond Clements:
Found a few more:

Kingdom Call of the Wild
The VCs Back in action
All £4 + £4 P+P

Judge Dredd's Crime Files 1-3 £6 + £4 P&P

Richmond Clements:
No takers? They're going in the recycling in a couple of weeks if there's no interest.

 Is there not a local charity shop you could drop them off at?

Dash Decent:
You did see Red Razors in there, didn't you?


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