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Badges galore, and an Arthur Ranson signed “Best of” webshop exclusive


Eamonn Clarke:
Three eBay auctions and all for items generously donated to the cause by kind Squaxx.
99p starts, free postage, and all for cancer research UK. Here we go!

First the Best Of 2000AD vol 1 web exclusive signed on the cover by Arthur Ranson. Donated by Jon Hymus.

Two sets of 2000AD subscriber enamel badges donated by Tom Proudfoot

And this year’s brand new Starlord badge donated by Stephen “Buttonman” Watson

Eamonn Clarke:
All sold and on their way to new owners for an extra £91 for cancer research UK.
Thank you again to Jon, Tom, and Stephen, and to the bidders and buyers.

And a running total of £13,662.96 from the last 10 years or so.


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