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--- Quote from: Woolly on 12 October, 2022, 08:05:10 PM ---After everything he's said for creator's rights, to then jump on this bandwagon is just baffling.

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TBH, Mills has never been about “creators” rights, he’s only ever been about his rights.

Presumably, his position has been that it’s up to other creators to stand up for themselves and maybe it’s his supporters who’ve cast him as a champion of creator rights in general, but his willingness to replace artists at will on his strips (and the shameful exclusion of Martin Emond from the Accident Man credits) seems to indicate that he regards the artist as very much secondary in the creator hierarchy. In that light, his willingness to embrace AI ‘art’ is unsurprising.

However, we should probably break this out into another thread rather than completely derail this one…

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I don't claim to understand much about either NFTs or AI art, but the latter makes me uncomfortable as someone who makes his living - well, half his living - out of commissioned artworks.  He's got his own Jimmy Who? by the sound of it. Not cool.  I remember Gordon Rennie making the same point about Pat's crusade for creators' rights actually being a crusade for one creator's rights. 

It doesn't need to be said, of course, that Pat made 2000ad what it is, and created some of the best series Tharg ever gave us.  I'll continue re-reading early Sláine and Nemesis for the rest of my life.  But I don't believe he's done anything particularly special for a very long time, and I've found myself getting increasingly tired of his brand of angry narcissism.  I hate to say it, but I don't miss him much in the prog.

Funt Solo:
Ironic, as later-Mills is heavily reliant on the artist to carry the thrill, because the script is often just a re-tread of his earlier work or too heavily laden with research-by-TFH.

I am also at this point that I stopped listening to "Me myself and I" rhetoric. I do not miss his work in the prog at all.  He even had a swipe at "John" for his name appearing on the Diceman collection: I don't recall John actually writing anything. It looks like a typically misleading Rebellion cover. Not the first! 2/2

John Wagner said on FB he didn't remember writing anything for it either. There's a Dice Man Dredd story credited to TB Grover so maybe Alan Grant wrote it solo?

“a typically misleading Rebellion cover”

Er, what? FFS. His work must sell well, because at this point why the hell would Rebellion reprint anything of his, if all they get is shit for it, whatever they do?

As for NFTs, that’s the one area in which I think his imprint (by way of his wife) does seem to be going about things in broadly the right away. It’s just a technology and a means to legally distribute material across mediums. For people who care about collecting, and who might want to own rights/goodies beyond a book (say), it might work. Of course, Mills will need to deliver on whatever promises he makes, be that talks or whatever. But the basic concept doesn’t really bother me – unlike elements of the ongoing crusade against Rebellion and the regular dismissal of artist rights.


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