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Prog 2304 - At the End of the World

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A good solid prog.

Dredd – The story jumps back to directly after Senteniod was apprehended.  Dredd tries to “recruit” Anderson to help find out what is going on in the world of Buratino. An interesting twist in the last page. Another good episode with Flint’s art still amazing.

Chimpsky – As Chimpksy starts to piece together what is going on with Judges on his doorstep, the twins step-up their little mis-adventure pulling on Chimpsky’s friends. Another great episode and just is turning out to be a gem of story.

Enemy Earth – The story moved a few inches but still nothing to grab my attention.

Hope – This was an intriguing episode as we now start to see who the real enemy is. What the plan is, is still hidden but it does not spell any good.

Hershey – Another good episode as Hershey investigates to source of the drug. Dirty Frank does he normal best by infiltrating the underground.

Cover by Simon Fraser:

Cover and Logo:

B/W Cover:

Barrington Boots:
I like that cover.

Dredd – I'm digging this story so far. Good to see Sentientoid is back and Buratino gradually becoming more sinister. Dredd's acting like a bit of a nob, as usual, and will be right, as usual. Henry Flint art is superb (not sold on his weirdly young Anderson, but amazing work nonetheless). Unexpected last page development and will be interesting to see how this ties into the first page of the last episode.

Chimpsky – This is really great on all levels - I'm totally invested in the story (unlike others in this Prog) and really want to see what happens next. Those kids are utterly vile and I really want them to get their comeuppance!

Enemy Earth – Really not enjoying this. The art is not to my taste and the 'snarky' dialogue at the start is just awful. My niece watches stuff where people talk like this, so it may be on the nose for a younger reader?

Hope – Not enjoying this either. It's very dark and horrible, which is good, but it lacks any kind of interest or engagement for me.

Hershey – In contrast, having not enjoyed the previous Hershey stuff I am enjoying this one. I'm over my indignation at her return and the story feels less daft than the boxing one. Having Frank back to being all Frank-y helps a lot. Stellar art from Simon Fraser.


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