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I tried to get my x3 nephews into comics via 2th / asterix / tintin and complete arcs of amazing spid.  green lantern etc.

no joy - they're sticking to the world of ps5

but then i had a thought the other day:

If i remember correctly, comics cost me around 75p when i first got into them and they're £4.00 approx at the mo'

Either a young person is getting them via, hand-me-down / parent buying or pocket money.

it must be hard to discover something great when it has a hefty price-tag attached?

and i still cant believe the top 300 comics number 1 was only bought by 78,080 people [approx] in the world [icv2 diamond]

Oh, and i went to the xl centre to a comic-con a few years ago and wasn't able to buy any comics there

hoping free comic book day and digital editions help bring in a new generation?

In the old days there was a constant traffic in swaps and loans.
You bought your own comic and read your mates’.
Can’t bring that back.

And to be honest, if I’d had a PS5 way back when, you couldn’t have separated me from it with a crowbar.

Colin YNWA:
I've managed to get both my kids to be comics readers. Though the Girl Child has drifted from reading generally at the moment BUT put a Manga in front of her about some Volleyball Anime she watches and see her lap it up.

The boy child took little effort to break down and still laps them up.

A heady mix of reading The Phoenix, Bone, Calvin and Hobbes , Dog Man and many others have worked on both.

Now to be fair this is possibly in part due to the fact that they rarely see me without a comic secreted about my person and so I guess that's normalised it and we worked hard to turn them into readers more generally. Its time and effort like most thing.

Don't get me wrong the boys default will always be Switch or his laptop / phone but we ensure everyday there are times they are off screen and for boy Child the next default is comics.

Its all possible.

My great failing however is I STILL can't get him to read 2000ad stuff - and man have I tried!

The main problem in the UK is that when the industry was hollowed out in the 1990s, the habit was lost. Most of my daughter’s friends don’t get regular comics. One or two get the Beano. Precisely none get the Phoenix. Some of them read comics, mostly in collected form, but that’s all. This – along with changes in production quality – is what drives pricing shifts that are way beyond what you’d expect from inflation.

I personally don’t believe that gaming is what has changed everything. When I was a kid, a C64 was just as exciting as a modern console is to one of today’s younglings. There have always been other distractions. Today, the main problems are availability, costs and habits. The last of those is also something that needs to be ingrained in a child – and for said child to be amenable, receptive and capable regarding a form of media in the first place. (Mini-IP is a voracious reader. But her mum is too and her dad is a writer. Our house has books everywhere. Being a comics fan, I got her into those. We are fortunate to have a pretty great library about a half-hour’s walk away from where we live. I’m painfully aware many people don’t have such a good starting point.)


--- Quote from: Colin YNWA on 01 November, 2022, 04:27:35 PM ---My great failing however is I STILL can't get him to read 2000ad stuff - and man have I tried!
--- End quote ---
I’ve tried mini-IP on Rebellion stuff. It’s variable. She lost interest in Monster Fun pretty quickly. It lacks the storytelling smarts of the Phoenix, and the gender ratio remains abysmal. A pity. Regened… she’s read. I’m not sure whether she’s that fussed about them, mind. Some of the Treasury stuff went down well, though: Bella at the Bar and the Sweeny Toddler hardcover, most notably.


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