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How To Write a 'Mission Briefing' Scene That Doesn't Suck


Alec Worley:
New post on my Substack...
Wrote this cos I was stuck on a scene in DURHAM RED: MAD DOGS (out Tharg only knows when). Re-watched ALIENS and all became clear...
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Funt Solo:
Aliens is *such* a great movie. I think of it as probably the most quotable movie of all time - even in the seemingly work-ish scenes like that.

"Assholes and elbows..."
"Look into my eye!"


Was going to say it was one of the most sampled films. Then googled that and found it's not acutally true of the wider world outside my own music collection.

But yeah concur it has many a great quote.

That's great analysis and fun to read.

That was an excellent analysis of a scene that tells you everything you need to know without knowing it.


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