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Colin YNWA:
That rarest of lovely things these days a Saturday Prog. Can't remember the last time. Shame the cover is such a jumble.

Luckily inside is pretty damned decent. Dredd moves things on clearly and with some lovely character work with Dredd. I mean big (head) bad Sov Judge was lying is pretty easy going for twists but the rest is just excellent and how knows maybe there's a twist on the twist... I mean it needs it. Flint magnificent as ever.

Enemy Earth blasts out into the world above so we can see this enemy Earth we've been teased with. Its nice frenetic stuff, even if it does hucker down with very sterotype journey through post apocolypic world its earned this ... too much and there is a good flash back. Finally cranking up.

Hope is superb and horrible. So much as you where and as you where is mighty fine.

As it is with Chimpsky just brilliant - love this.

Hershey makes the absolute best of Simon Fraser's high energy, grand design art with a combative episode that is just thrill a minute. Breath-taking.

So yeah pretty fine Prog. And ON A SATURDAY!!!!

Cover by Luke Horsman:

Cover and Logo:

Not a bad prog with some minor dents in the bodywork.

Dredd – Some interesting twists as the action heats up with PSI Div takes the brunt of the attack. Dredd is Dredd so no psychic block will stop him, and he is face-to-face with the real enemy

Enemy Earth – This story I have read and seen a hundred times. Nothing new very genre generic and maybe that is why the story does not resonate with me. 

Hope – Grim as always as the story delves more into the origin of the reel. Dark and twisted still a good read.

Chimpsky – On the run no friends just perils around each corner as Chimpsky figures out his next step. Super enjoyable this is the type of thrill to get up early in the morning to read.

Hershey – Frantic action filled episode as Hershey pursues the drug traffickers. Fraser’s art is a joy too watch good stuff.

Rob Williams Dredd is just the best Dredd.


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