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Prog 2308 - Knockout Blow!

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Enjoyable prog with most stories (except the one I want) in its penultimate episode.  This is the type of cover that screams at you read-me read-me, great stuff PJ.

Dredd – Well maybe not such a surprise as Buratino turns out not to betray MC1. The fight start in earnest as Anderson also gets free. More action orientated episode as we are heading for the last installment.
Chimpsky – Another good action-fest episode as our valiant heroes fights the horde and reach the top-level. This has a great read and some great fun by the creative team. We even get a surprise reveal in the last panel.

Hope – At last Mallory escape the nightmare house as we head into a mini-break. We will soon see the price that Mallory had to pay to free him and his unlikely companions.

Enemy Earth – I am sure I watched an episode of the Walking Dead that feels like this episode. Reading it but not a fan.

Hershey – Great episode as the action continues and the secret is starting to reveal itself.

Cover by PJ Holden:

Cover and Logo:

Richmond Clements:
Loving the John Woo-ness of that cover.

norton canes:
Another one of those progs which might best be described as 'pleasantly messy' (do the Germans have a word for that?)

Strong 'Judge Death Lives' vibes from 'Buratino Must Die' (the gang of supernatural foes, the psychic shield) but it's told with little of the clarity or economy of the Wagner classic. Actually, the blind Dredd with shattered visor reminds me it feels more like the rather meandering 'City of the Damned'. Maybe it needs a big centre-spread featuring its adversaries?

"This city is guilty!"
"The crime is harbouring a bizarrely large-headed Sov psychic"
"The sentence is..."
"Uh... not quite sure"

Problems with Hope... also, where the capricious narrative takes another slalom. I wonder - when a script droid is lucky enough to be given a 15-week (or similar length) run for their strip, is there an edict from Tharg that it has to be one long story? Seems to me that the problems with people having to re-read huge swathes of the earlier instalments would be alleviated if long runs were split into smaller, self-contained 3- or 4-part stories.

Fortunately the remaining three strips are a little more straightforward. Hershey continues to do the simple things well and that's a nice twist at the end of Chimpsky. I think though Enemy Earth might just sneak TOP THRILL this week for the severed arm coming completely out of the blue - though why something so gruesome should happen in a supposedly all-ages strip, I'm completely stumped.


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