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WTB Citadel / Titan 45mm miniature from 1980s - KLEGG

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Long shot I know, but I'm looking for the KLEGG Miniature from the range of 45mm figures which were sculpted and cast by Citadel for Titan Distributors in the 1980s.

Not the smaller 'regular wargaming sized' (28mm(?) slotta base) JUDGE DREDD/SLAUGHTER MARGIN from Citadel in 1985.

I'm in OZ so International Shipping required. Long time Squaxx I have Progs, Megs and many 2000AD goodies (or other comics/collectibles) for a negotiated trade or plain Galactic Groats for a straight purchase at an agreed price with shipping.

If any boarders had a KLEGG miniature they are willing to let go, please let me know.
I would love to add him to my incomplete, Titan 45mm series collection.
PM or easiest would be to post your reply here.

God, just seeing that blister pack sends me straight back to the toy shop in Torquay where I'd stare at those miniatures seemingly for hours, trying to decide where my meagre funds would be put to best use.

I don't have a Klegg, though, soz. (Should have led with that. :-| )


--- Quote from: wedgeski on 30 November, 2022, 09:16:51 AM ---I'd stare at those miniatures seemingly for hours
--- End quote ---

Yeah the smaller slotta Citadel one's filtered down to OZ in the mid-80's, but were prohibitively expensive on a child's pocket money.
Never saw the larger 45mm size by Titan until years later, when the internet became a thing.
Picked up Dredd, Anderson and the Dark Judges for a pittance and then most of the others over time.
So just missing Spikes, Klegg and the Gold Dredd badge from the series.
Dusted them off the other day (Spring cleaning in Oz) and thought I'd post a query in the classifieds direct at 2000AD forum.

Saw Klegg on EvilPay about 15 years ago and while I considered the scalpers high price with International shipping, he sold. :-(
Then about 4 years ago, a bloke on a military models forum turned out to be a lapsed Squaxx and had one to offer me.
He knew nothing about the miniatures, just happened to have a box of unwanted childhood stuff including Progs and a few of the Titan mini's.
B'stard decided I wanted it very badly and jacked the price up to £40 plus shipping.
Ghosted him to show my contempt.

Oh well I live in hope of finding Klegg one day.
Spikes Harvey Rotten and the Dredd badge seem to be quite rare.


--- Quote from: lincnashOZ on 30 November, 2022, 07:46:36 PM ---Spikes Harvey Rotten and the Dredd badge seem to be quite rare.

--- End quote ---

Swings and roundabouts!
Put out feelers for the Klegg mini from this series and stumbled across a reasonably priced Spikes miniature, delivered in yesterday's post. :)
Great early Xmas pressie for myself.

So, still looking for Klegg (or Dredd badge from Titan Dist.) if anyone can point me in the right direction.

Bloody well done.
I remember those miniatures being advertised in the prog about a million years ago. They seemed unobtainable to me then, so for you to actually get your hands on one after all this time is downright miraculous.


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