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Author Topic: 2000 AD Online Wiki - It hungers for content!  (Read 20542 times)


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2000 AD Online Wiki - It hungers for content!
« on: 12 January, 2010, 10:00:51 AM »
2000 AD Online Wiki

Getting Started

Q: Whats all this then?
A: A while back we decided that the collective community has a wealth of knowledge that far exceeds our own (we only work here), along with a willingness and dedication to make the sites horde of information better than it already is.
To that end, we've set up a Wiki for you guys and gals to get stuck in to.

Q: How do I login?
A: The Wiki is tied into the 2000AD forum software for its logins - clicking the Login button on the Wiki will bring you to the forum, and it should send you back to the wiki once you've logged in.
If you get banned from the forum, you get banned from the Wiki.

Q: Oh god I'm unsure about this, what if I break it?!
A: It's a wiki, you can't break it. Go hog wild! Make and modify as many articles you feel appropriate, and others will come along and fix your mistakes, correct your facts and rearrange the place to be more organised.
If you're still worried then load up the sandbox article and try out anything you're unsure of there.
It is far better to contribute and have your contribution modified, than not to contribute at all!

Q: But I've never contributed to a wiki before...
A: That's not a question. Secondly, wikis are incredibly easy to navigate and edit - simply browse around by clicking on links and when you spot something you want to change/edit/add, hit the Edit tab the top of the page.

Q: Wiki syntax is horrific, how am I supposed to remember things?
A: I know it's terrible. Here's Wikipedias cheat sheet for syntax, which out wiki adheres to. That should make your life a lot easier.

Q: Are there any rules or guidelines?
A: Yes! Be sure to give them a ganders on the about page.

Contributing, or, how you can quickly help

Stub Articles
We have a number of stub articles, which is extremely short articles that have been marked as stubs. These pages desperately need more content, so see if you can add to them.

Short Pages
Just like stubs, short pages badly need more content. Have a look through the list of short pages - if you know anything about the topic, feel free to add more content, otherwise you might want to mark it as a stub and move on to another.

ToDo List
We have a number of large and small tasks on the wikis ToDo List as well as a number of categorised tasks big and small. Take a look through and see if you can help sort out any of those issues.

Wanted Pages
There are a lot of articles which are entirely empty and require content. These are known as wanted pages. Go through the list and see if you know anything on those topics.


As well as contributing we need a whole lot of editing to be done.

Recent Changes
Check out the Recent Changes for a list of articles people have just updated, then go over their changes and correct any issues or mistakes.

Citation Needed
If during the course of reading an article you come across something you're not sure is factually correct or has no basis, you can make it as [citation needed] by including the following code:
Code: [Select]
{{citation needed|text=reason you think citation is requied here}}Be sure to change the next and supply a reason for the citation, such as "when did he travel through time?".

Dead End Pages
When an article doesn't link anywhere else, it becomes a dead end page. You can better the wiki by editing in links to other pages, even if those pages don't exist.
For instance:
Code: [Select]
Dead end article:
Dredd lives in Mega City One.

Good, linked:
Dredd lives in [[Mega City One]].
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Re: 2000 AD Online Wiki - It hungers for content!
« Reply #1 on: 19 January, 2010, 03:52:49 PM »

Templates are a type of article, built using Wiki Code, which can be transcluded into other pages to provide a particular type of functionality.

Templates are usually used to quickly format data, and categorise pages on-the-fly.


A quick example of templates is the Stub template.
The Stub template can be added to any article by using the wiki code {{Stub}}, and will mark that particular article as a Stub.

More complex templates exist such as {{prog}} which an be included, along with a large number of attributes, to set out the properties of a Prog and include it into the appropriate categories.

Common Templates

Common templates used in regular articles are as follows:

  • {{spoiler}} - Adds a big black box stating that the article may contain recent spoilers.
  • {{stub}} - Adds a marker indicating the page is a Stub, and requires more content.
  • {{citation needed}} - Adds a little [citation needed] remark next to questionable items.
  • {{pix}} - Adds a marker indicating the page could use more (or better) images.
  • {{disambig}} - Marks the page a disambiguation page. Used when differentiating between items which have the same name, such as Judge Dredd (series) and Judge Dredd (character).
  • {{delete}} - Marks the current article for deletion. As only admins can delete pages, this is used to highlight those articles. A reason should be supplied either in the History or in the Discussion page for that article. Failure to supply a reason will result in the marker being removed.

Complete list of templates

A list of the available templates can be found in the template category.
Each template includes documentation with a section on its usage and syntax.
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