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Wiki Beta, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the community

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Yes, we now have a Wiki for the community to fill up with all things 2000AD!

It doesn't feature on the front page or have any links to it on the flashy banner, but thats a technical issue rather than laziness. While it's in beta and contains hardly any original data it'll stay off the front page.
Hopefully you guys can adopt the Wiki and before long it'll be up there alongside the News button.

The stickied thread explains the majority of all things related to interaction, so give that a read if you've never used a Wiki before, or want to know whats special about this one.

Where we're at

I've spent the last week setting up a converter to grab all the data from the Vault and jam it into the Wiki - 99% of the data make it unharmed, but there are still some sketchy elements. If you spot any, feel free to fix them.

Progs, Megs, Creators, Characters and Series all use templates to organise their data. You can see this by going into a Prog and hitting the "Edit" tab.
I'd like to keep all progs, megs, specials and graphic novels using these kinds of templates, so please keep using them where possible.

All articles are missing data, or have terribe, terrible images. Feel free to browse through characters and series and things and update their pictures, or fill out their statistics and whatnot.

Stories, all 3,319 of them, are missing a synopsis and list of character appearances.

Speaking of character appearances, feel free to name or create articles for not only main characters but bit-part characters and villains and things. The Wiki, unlike the Vault, has room for everyone.

Progs and Megazines all need their Captial field filling out, which is the prominent themed text line that features on the front of the cover.

All specials and graphic novels need adding, even by name. If you happen to have a 2000AD graphic novel set next to you, type in the title into the address bar and create a new page for it.


Don't get angry or moan about other peoples utilisation of the Wiki - its a collaborative effort and anyone can edit it, including you. If you spot claring mistakes, feel free to change them.

Be civil, be patient, and report any problems you can't fix yourself.

Have fun guys, I hope you can make something good out of this.


You utter bastard Vince, I have a family and a mortgage.

I'm with Tordelback, my family will put out a missing persons report for me now. HELP!

uncle fester:
Oooohhh! But where to start???

James Stacey:
Bravo sir, boundary!


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