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Morbus Iff:
I've been working on the Prog and Megazine templates to get rid of a bunch of extra whitespace that was making the page look a bit 'tarded. That's been done, so now I'm working on other small improvements. The one I'm currently addressing is simply: the display of multiple values (say, Characters) for a particular field (say, Cover Characters).

It appears most of the CSS for the site was put in the custom theme, and I don't have access to modify MediaWiki:Common.css. Because the infoboxes are floated divs, when there are multiple values for one entry, they munge up and look a bit silly. For example, see:


As an example of what I'm seeing as the solution, take a look at:


Note that each of the Cover Characters are on the first line. To rig this up, I've a) manually spit the first character, if it exists (_1), and b) started the loop at 2, adding a break before each entry:


This particular change would effect every loop in our major templates, so I wanted to confirm with anyone onlooking if they had any alternate suggestions. I've attempted to do the same thing with commas (and it didn't come out well). The downsides to this particular approach are a) this should probably be done with a clear:left in the CSS, not a break, and b) if a particular story has tons of characters or other elements, it could make the infobox pretty long.


Er, I think some of us on the forums [particularly me!] are not computer savvy enough to understand what your doing but it looks great to me so keep doing it. :)


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