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I stumbled across the wikia 2000ad wiki and, seeing that it was rather scanty, added a few pages relating to this week's releases (from Rebelliion and IDW) - just stubs.  It was only after I'd done this that I discovered there seems to have been an abortive attempt at a wiki on 2000adonline, none of which is available (unless you're a beta tester?)  What happened to this?  I'd much rather work on a wiki that is built on data migrated from the 2000ad database than have to start from scratch...

James Stacey:
It launches this week. It has said that for several years though.

The Wiki was my little project a few years back (working on it as and when I had a moment to) but due to various other projects my ability to find time to work on the wiki diminished to the point that it was left to gather dust.  :(

I currently have a few large projects on the go that require most of not all of my time but as they begin to mature the workload should ease up, *hopefully* allowing a little time for me to work on other projects like this.

Personally I would love to get the wiki to beta stage and open it up to forum members but there is still a lot of work thats needed, especially now its a few years out of date in both code and content.

Morbus Iff:
Last I knew, the thing that killed the wiki was both lack of time, and the apparent lack of legality concerns up front, as noted in http://forums.2000adonline.com/index.php/topic,28096.0.html. I had access to it once, no idea why I was stripped of the access.




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