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Help! / 2000AD Comic Book Reader Apt
« on: 24 May, 2016, 08:22:51 PM »
I must have this as I have been using a number of readers since I sorted out my digital collection of comics and other e-books and when I tried to install this apt from the Microsoft store. I go the message that I need to update Windows.

I already have Windows 10.

So, I googled the URL they gave me and noticed that a number of people have been having the same problem with other applications from the store.

So, I found the start menu & typed in the words -About Your PC- to get a run down of what is what on my system. I have Windows 10 as I suspected and that was that. That's all I can do, but the 2000AD comic book reading apt still asks me to up grade before I have can have this.

Anybody can help with this?

Help! / About Some Old Warhammer 40k Book.....
« on: 24 May, 2016, 08:04:11 AM »
You know I stated on a recent post I recall seeing Pat Mills being credited for writing or at least collaborating in some way on one of the earlier editions of book about the Priests of the Imperial Guard fromWarhammer 40k.

They were featured in the Dawn of War - Winter Assault game. A single unit that looked a lot like a balding mature aged man in brown monk robes wielding a chain-sword. They had the Gandalf like ability to enflame the hearts of their ally's.

I just can't find any immediate clue or evidence of this book anywhere on the internet, now. I do remember seeing this book being offered on Ebay probably about 8 years ago and seeing the credit for Pat Mils or was that some joke?

Somebody here might know of a old codex...as they are called.

I can only find 4th and 5th edition books on the Imperial Guard it self and no individual books on those Priests. I thought they were called Tech-Priest, but that's some thing else.

Music / Die Artwood!
« on: 20 May, 2016, 03:25:38 AM »
Parts of this video seem to be inspired by Slaine & the reason why he got booted from his tribe.

Baby's On Fire by Die Artwood.

The short blonde is Naimh, the tall guy in yellow pants is Grudnew & Elfric (Something to do with the bra landing on his head .) and that last guy must have been Slaine. Also enlightening us with the fact that Naimh was sleeping with most of the male population of the Sessair tribe & Tara. Yet, Slaine was the last guy to be found out there.

Where he warps into his car and runs over Grudnew who also happens to be Naimh's foster/half brother after she bricks him point blank.

Grudnew of course, is also Elfric here. Because of his golden gun he's pulls on young Slaine & the fact that Elfric & Christopher Lee's/Scaramanga both have a Supernumerary Nipple (Again about the bra landing on his head...). Not that the the guy who's calls himself NInja might actually have that.

I just love the fire trail left by the car right towards the end of it.

Continued Later...

Help! / Are they Gone for Good?
« on: 16 May, 2016, 03:08:43 PM »
Just looked in the online store for the clothing & found all those Slaine t-shirts are gone.

Aside from the obvious, is this true or just temporary?

Film & TV / Wizards of Aus
« on: 14 May, 2016, 02:48:12 AM »
Originally, I found trailer for this thinking it was some local made big feature film, but it's not quite that grand.

Now, they have full quarter hour episodes on You-tube....

Wizards of Aus - Part One

BTW...this was what I hinted at on the trailer thread!

Film & TV / Wheel Of Time.....
« on: 30 April, 2016, 08:25:29 AM »
url=http://www.tor.com/2016/04/28/tv-rights-to-the-wheel-of-time-optioned-by-new-studio-with-jordan-estates-approval/ ]Gets Optioned[/url]

Before I write more than I should, I will state that I've never read these books, but have heard of them when it was made into computer game in pre-internet times and also a table top role playing game. I really hope they don't make the same mistakes in a certain other adaption I've now given up on watching because it just looks like a excuse to party in front of everybody while only most tiny of connections with source material.

I did try to enjoy the Shannara Chronicles.

Off Topic / Can You.....
« on: 08 April, 2016, 01:34:45 PM »
Guess which film I am watching here?

On the telly, while I'm eating my damper on the poof & you can see the books I've been talking about on the bottom right of this picture next to the boxed Fire-Extinguisher. Above in pile of things is a box. A game box, A old computer game from the early 90's.

Can you guess what that one is?

Games / Mafia Without the F?
« on: 08 April, 2016, 10:09:05 AM »
Is of course.... Maia!

Supposedly, a planet in the Tau-Ceti system or star or both.

I have had this early access game at least over year or two now according to memory only. Talking about this game again, because it had more work done within it, but still has the same problem that prevent me from getting far before the game crashes to my desktop.

To recap, it's a space colony management game set on the world called Maia, & this time you can choose the four people you allowed to start with from a simple looking roster after launching.....

Although it's hard to read small print on bottom three applicants & I don't think really matters what is says they are good at because at this stage of the game they nearly always end up expiring from Hypothermia, Starvation, or Hypoxia. Before they can enjoy the comforts of their new habitat....

This takes a while because they cannot be controlled directly. Yet, you can read their emails to get some idea what they need. Usually, it's bad poetry (I should know!), but mostly is a request for access to the Work-Shop table. Even after I put one in. Maybe they want another one, who knows??? Because, early on in this game (Like a lot of other games of this ilk!) it's important to build small & to fore-fill the most important of survival needs fast. Yet, with in reason, because it says a person can survive without water for 3 days or up to week & as long as that is happening, may be a little shorter without food. Yet, the need for food is also a luxury that has become habit. So, it's hard to tell, wether we really need to be fed unless we're been starving for a while.

Some of them have very quirky habits like Mongolian Throat Singing. Which seems to be more of a fluff thing right now, but I appreciate any type of humour in games like this. Some of the backgrounds shown, might give you some idea how best qualified they are for selection. Yet, like I wrote earlier, their quality never come to fruit in time before the game has told me I have failed any way or the game just crash's.

What I did like with this game now is that option to choose your colonists. You build as much as you like without worrying about resource management for building supplies. You still need to build the right things to maintain the supply of water & rations & protecting colonists from the ravages of a world not really fit for them. You can also build as many of these small repair robots as you like. Just don't do try to fill a room with a lot of them all at once. They might get grid locked. Like the excavation robots that (Which can be duplicated in the 3D printer!) also move any relevant material or corpses they find back to the storage room. They can now be controlled when ever you click on one & click on the target icon that appears to the right of meagre interface & I'm suddenly seeing it's point of view....

 This is done very charming way as the resolution is more pixelised to show you they see things differently. The smaller robots are different to control & a little harder to as well. When ever a colonists pass's through the airlock chamber, they are automatically outfitted in their pressurised suit & helmet they arrived in. You can only try doing the first person thing with them while they have their suits on outside. Sometimes a glitch may have them walking around the base interior still in their suit. Yet, this is a rare thing & while their still wearing their helmet. You can access their helmet camera this way. That's all you can do with them of course. Otherwise, it would be a very cheap way of getting much needed control of your workers, the people who build the specific rooms & furnish them after the little robot has excavated them. When in control of the robot, you can try & manually get them to dig rock that I have tagged for removal in order to carve out rooms. Which is where this game appears a lot like Dungeon Keeper. The little robot 's design may even be nod to the appearance of Worker-Imp's from that game....

Although, the rooms don't automatically attract creature/worker types. Your just stuck with the four colonists you start with, or what remains of the original four I had chosen from the beginning. I can also request another planet drop or fall of another three or four colonists who arrive in a little space-capsule in random location near the entrance to the base.....

Because of modern aspect of this game. It mostly resembles Evil Genius without the funnelled story aspect (Yet!!!) & stereotyped characters & bright cartoonish work of Siku.

Yes, this game is kind of shadowy, with billowing gases rising over the planet, & natural heat vents randomly on it's surface & from the air-processing machines I have bothered to place inside.  Obscuring my sight, especially during bad weather events. Sometimes, everything is lit up so much. I only see shadows over a desert landscape that might have almost become tundra for the reflected light in my face....

The need for light is important here, & while it may take forever for the lamps to be manufactured in the 3D-Printer-Module, & then a greater need for the Everlasting-Glowstick that can only be placed on the ground, anywhere on the ground to make for fast lighting up of a gloomy area. Unlike Glowsticks I'm familar with, they can't be thrown or broken open to spill their glowey residue on doors, walls or trees to mark them out in the dark....


(I have now been given a very good idea why my games of this have suffered. After seeing official Wiki for these well known camping implements!)   

About those little robots that repair everything. It just lightens the load on the hapless, ignorant humans who take forever to walk anywhere in their special suits outs-side. Once those little things get going, touring the station's interior in search of smoking machinery that means they need their attention. I think this only how it appears on the surface. I think they really are just responding to a broken stuff automatically anywhere in the game. Even outside! Because its very odd to find a smoking wind-mill even when there is!

(I was suprised to find that picture, because, I thought they're design less flammable )

Again, those robots remind me of the little DRD's that respond to the summons of Pilot the insectoid (Pilot!) in symbiotic partnership with Moya/Leviathan from Farscape....

I had more to say about this one, but very tired right now. I just cooked a loaf of Damper (Australian Bush Bread!) where both the preparation & cooking while inserting other peoples pictures into my essay here have made this evening a little more stressful for me. I think I'll spend the rest of the night picking at my loaf while in front of telly.

Books & Comics / Ungrateful Beaaaaatch!
« on: 06 April, 2016, 04:09:23 PM »
Today, I had to take hike to the neighbouring suburb to pick up some books I ordered thru Amazon.

The Art of He-Man & the Masters of the Universe

This limited edition book that should contain a lot of the original art that came with the action-figures, vechiles, their mounts,  play-sets & other accessories. As well the eventual cartoon series & film. Which were both disappointing & the series initially so. I never liked it that he had weaker alter ego called Prince Adam. The same goes for Cringer & Battle-Cat, & Orko. If they stuck to original concept that perhaps was too close to the niche occupied by Conan the Barbarian which the toys were original meant to actually be. Yet, that never worked out & so we have He-Man. Aside from initial impressions, the series still did grow on me & looking back on it all I admire it more now. I did stop collecting the figures and their accessories or more likely lost interest in them in early high school if I remember correctly.....

Skip the next two paragraphs if you don't wish to read the waffle below...

 Like, I have the main ones, like Stratos (The bird-man or the one who had wings attached to his wrists & could fly via a rocket jet-pack! I think I lost the wings. Was the very first of these AF's I purchased on late night trip into the city with my folks. The rest were present that were given to me in the subsequent years from 82 onwards!) He-Man (He doesn't stand up now more!), Battle-Cat (Went Missing!), Teela,(Cobra-Snake-armour?) Men At Arms, Skeletor, Merman, (of the last three, I had left chew marks on the plastic straps that held their armour on, because it was too hard to strap it on with my fingers!)  along with Castle-Gray-Skull, (It got thrown out or stolen when somebody left it back landing & I 'm trying to source the Italian version of that playset that was better made & came with a brown-wood coloured front door......

....)  Snake-Mountain (It's not lost, but I have left it at home. Right now, I only have the plastic snake that was supposed to be attached to the top of the thing swing around. It had this micro-phone shaped like Wolves Head). Which was kind of cool, I guess, but this set up was never as cool as the original Gray-Skull-Castle. Additional action figures....Man-E-Faces & Ram-Man. The Battle-Ram (Still there, with it's detachable flying sled (Kind of like that flying sled from the Flash-Gordon film, but rest of it that had these thick wheels that that had these short appendages that would make short work of anything that got too close to the side. It had cannon that would fire these large red cylinders adorned with the head of monsters or demons (Kind of like mini-Gronds!). I think there were three of those.) A flying boat called the Wind-Raider, that must have belong to Mer-Man. (Had body like a convertible green car with out the top, and these yellow aero-plane wings that could be pulled off. (Only one remains!) & a significant yellow fin like rudder making it seem more like a boat than anything else. There is also a anchor that can be fixed to the hood. When not in use & pulled off & out by it's long piece of cord that is kept wound up inside. A zip cord motor bike like transport that I think is called a Road-Ripper. (Remember those Smash Up Derby Cars that were made to fall apart & re assembled again. I had those as well! They work the same way.) The Dragon-Walker which best described with a photo....


(The head piece would move along that track via cog & engine while the long green part would spin around propelling the thing in a unpredictable wide circle. It's easier to imagine if you just look at the picture. It was my favourite piece & it the engine inside soon rusted from disuse. It had ran on batteries & I think they might have leaked inside the thing, causing the damage. It's a unfeasible design even the head could be more securely attached because the that track would need to be kept clean of debris for the thing to run continueously.) The very last thing the jet-plane sculpted to look like a Eagle a with perch that could be attached to the top castle tower. (One of the wings went missing with that one too!)

Anyway, I look back fondly on the television series, the silly & some times inappropiate voices & He-Man's customary end of show monologue. discussing what ever relevant moral that was covered over the current episode.

Back on the subject of the book. The regular edition is pictured down below the special edition if you follow the link above.  I'm looking forward to opening the damn thing some time some time soon.

Which I'm still trying to figure out how to open, from that picture it appears the door on the front should unlatch or slid down, but I can't budge it for some reason. Might look for a unboxing video on You-Tube later if I can't get it open. Unless somebody has some sage advice about that.

Related compilation of all his mini-comics brought together into one big bumper book.

Thinking it would be filled with a compilation of all those mini-comics that were packaged with each action figure. Each figure got a random comic, which meant I have a couple of the same ones. I can only find one of them now & I think have with me in the pile of books, novels & comics I'm still sorting through here.

There is double DVD packaged together into one slim case containing of the entire collection of episodes  from the related cartoon. Only the earlier cartoon series, you see. I'm not just sure about the latest series yet. While it certainly looked better drawn/coloured & animated. It never appeared to depart from the idea of having a hero with a duel identity, and I think Orko is still in this one as well. Aside from now showing you how Skeletor got his head defleshed, taking more mature stance. I haven't paid it much attention apart from the bits n pieces I've seen on You-Tube. I'm planning On getting it, but I have soft spot for the old series and that special where he met his twin sister She-Ra-Princess-of-Power. The music was as colourful & campy as it was. These always bring me back.

Best of He-Man & the Masters of the Universe

Anyway, in my haste to order these earlier last week. I forgot to check the regional information with this one. I made this mistake before with video tapes, but at least they would still work, but only in black & white.

I'm too tired to write any more & I've get told this is too long for anybody to read anyway. Next up, Ghost-Busters -The Ultimate Visual History.

Music / Need Help With Movie Soundtrack?
« on: 05 April, 2016, 04:06:30 PM »
Remember, when I said I had purchased the soundtrack to Highlander Two - The Quickening. Yet,
it was some time before the release or even the announcement of the film along time ago now.

Not that I am sure how far back I purchased the soundtrack on cassette. I believe it could have been any where from 87 onwards. From a time I had changed high school & at the start of that year & finished senior at the end of the next year. Although, it seems more like the following year. I know I found the cassette in some place like Cosmic Music (Which is gone now & I know that's not really relevant to most of you!) in the old part of town practically in the mall. Where the arcade was. There is another music store. Two
 others, one in the mall near the newsagency which is still there (The newsagency!) the other in a arcade,
in a smooth in in the wall next to a Book-World store that are both gone now. This is a faro-fare between the mall & the railway station that runs parallel to the alley next to a well known Irish pub. Like, I wrote earlier, this information only matters to the locals really.

I just think it's weird that they release music sound tracks to films years before their release. In this case it could have been nearly three years. How common is it for a film to made a few years before it's release?

I know it's happened with a few films, I'm not at liberty to recall right now. Yet it almost seems freaky, like
a projection from the future.


Off Topic / Sore Feet
« on: 02 April, 2016, 11:06:18 AM »
After visiting my father today because it was cheaper to not buy train ticket (I only had a dollar to my name at the time & I know that sounds awful, only because I wanted to avoid letting him see how lazy I got with getting the new house together!) from the railway station I ended up at this morning. I was only one other station away from the station I must alight from in order to travel the shortest distance to this house. Since my feet that had got remarkably sore after a night spent mostly walking around town. The station that is closest is the next one after above mentioned one is closest to where I used to live & I could just about walk from one house to the other without using public transportation. Since it's a fully maned station with those ticket gate barriers. I wasn't going to try & slip through them & station security. Which is kind of embarrassing considering I was once a railway porter (I.E. Ticket Collector/Shunt Assistant!) myself. Anyway, it's not that I hate my dad, it's just that I was really thinking about avoiding the awkwardness that always arises between us. Yet, I decided to pay a visit back home for once in what must be almost two or three months since I left. The house was now looking much better than it did, the interior that is! Since my father must have been very busy with the sorting out and shifting of furniture. Except for the fact there is now where for me to recline or sleep anymore.

Continued Later...

Books & Comics / White-trash....Missing Again!!!!
« on: 01 April, 2016, 04:52:29 AM »
When it had bothered me that a certain (Small known writer/creator!) person (Who I won't name!) bothered me just by concentrating what seems so bad or negative in some my commentary.

They I find out after doing cursory internet search to find out more about this person including what look like. Looks almost exactly like some dude I saw in one of those intercity strip-joints I visited on the night of Saint Patricks Day, but surely no.

I that had previously been lost, possibly stolen turned up again when I was sorting through my stuff while I was shifting house. The book was a small graphic novel called White-Trash about a cross country road trip across the mid-west of America, when this Axle-Rose lookalike or impersonator is picked up by Elvis Presly lookalike or impersonator (Driving a Cadillac Convertible!) after being ejected from a bus when it was attacked by some bikers. Quite possibly both these character or one of them are the real deal. Only speaking from extremely long memory here...because I was only settling down to  rereading the thing so I can fire back some of the author's expired rhetoric back at him like....

Poking my or your majority

Except, after I return from a trip to local shopping centre (late morning...) to get new house keys, & order a new bank card. After these mysteriously went missing from my new living abode & I hope the fucker who keeps robbing me dies after I catch them & fucking killing them. I am sick of being robbed, even of the smallest thing.

I now have a replacement key and have to wait another fortnight for the new card.

As for that book, not sure about wanting to keep it, but definitely what to reread and perhaps ask the author questions about you motivation/inspiration (Aside from the obvious!) behind writing this. I was really attracted to the bright & colourfully drawn characters & locations, the action quotient.

To who ever stole book, in case that many people read me here. I want it back, & you don't want to ever let me catch you taking my stuff in future. I don't care if this house is being watched by crooked undercover cops or feds trying catch drug-dealers who might be operating in this area. I don't care that5 stuff anymore, I just want to be left out. The same goes for bloody cat-burglars, or police-cat burglars as well.

My stuff is my stuff & never yours or they'rs.

Film & TV / On the Subject of Old English Comedy...
« on: 31 March, 2016, 11:57:11 PM »
After I read about the passing of Ronnie Corbett & then reading about comparison between him, Ronnie Barker, Morecomb & Wise & I they thought sounded old.

Do you remember The Naked Vicar Show.......used to come on in same time segments as The Benny Hill Show.

Of the former, that title shouldn't taken literally. I don't recall seeing any naked clerics from what I recall watching probably from behind the lounge chair after my parents had told me to go to bed. (Something I definitely recall of trying to watch any episode of The Paul Hogan Show True, Aussie comedy when it was good!) I'm pretty sure that were plenty of topless page three girls or showing their naked buns.

That's all I recall of the show without Google searching for more info on that.

Also trying to recall another British comedy duo or team that must have spun-off from Not the Nine O'clock News......I think there was two from the older program. This show wasn't that old since I recall it from my days of high school.

Still, this predated or might have run parallel to The Young Ones.

General / Is It Really Too Late....
« on: 28 March, 2016, 09:12:35 AM »
I just completed one of my first entries and had another idea, but I've now see that all entries were to be submitted by the 27th and here I was thinking I had to the end of the month. Anyway, I mine still uploading to my Facebook page & then I'll be able to share it from there. Even if I can't submit it now, I'd still like to show it off.

Not so much drawing than my own graffiti added to a well known American painting. I think there may be points for my onw brand of humour rather than artist skills.

Still can't show it though, my internet is bloody slow as right now.

Off Topic / If I Was To Get Tattoes?
« on: 27 March, 2016, 07:14:35 AM »
I was thinking of getting this on my chest....

Just the S design mind you & not the bar code. Maybe if black & white colours were reversed. Not sure about size either. Wether to have a large one right on my chest or just small one. Kind of like a Celtic-superman thing! Even though unbuttoning or ripping my shirt to show it off that way a very lame cliché thing to do. I would not do that thing is I was painted that way. 

What do yah think, a little too pretentious, or something you'd expect of a Slaine of my calibre.

Also thinking of getting this....

Because, Slaine wanted Ukko to paint his ass with a image of Ukko, so that he could sit on always sit on him.  If remember his coronation rite. Not sure if that was just dialoge taken from the cover picture or in the actual magazine.

Yet, it's really bad to get such face on my ass, than how about this.....

Both blades of the axes drawn on each ass cheek. Unless people might than assume that I would enjoy having the handle shoved up my butt. Instead of assuming that it really means that I want it kissed.

You should all know the words to that one!

Then maybe smaller picture of both that axe and it's earlier version the singled bladed flint axe as used by Bellardinelli's/MacMahon's version of Slaine.

That is if it's acceptable that fan-boys like myself wouldn't need to become Sailor (I think got one from each overseas port of call!) &/or Gangster (For each major crime!) & earn the desired body stickers properly.


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