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General / LEGO Lawmaster
« on: 05 February, 2017, 11:19:34 PM »
I'm pretty much a stranger 'round these parts nowadays, but I had to share my latest LEGO build:

Off Topic / LEGO
« on: 17 April, 2012, 09:14:13 PM »
Last week I had a bit of spare time, so started playing with my kids' (my) LEGO. End result is possibly one of the finest things I've ever created. It was 'finished' on monday then spent the rest of the week being tweaked, adjusted and made better.


Creative Common / LEGO Dredd
« on: 12 February, 2012, 08:46:14 PM »
So I'm currently making a Dredd LEGO minifigure, mostly inspired by KevLev's 2000AD LEGO poster he did a while back, but also inspired by the fact that I've got all the time in the world for LEGO and it'd be rude not to.

The helmet is a Mandalorian Trooper's, cut and sanded with a badge made from a spare bit of something, glued on and filled to make the respirator body. The body has been cleaned and prepped for some decals I'll make when I get some slide transfer paper.The shoulder eagle is mostly sculpted from Fimo with some flat bits of LEGO cut from a flag used for the wings with a pauldron used for the tail, the shoulderpad is a felt tipped pen lid cut down to size, both have been glued onto a set of pauldrons. The gun is a standard stormtrooper blaster with bits cut off and other bits glued on, shaped and sanded where necessary. I'm going to decal the body, arms and legs, and somehow the helmet, along with painting.

This is the fist time I've attempted anything like this and I'm kinda blagging it as I go along. Lessons learned so far: you can boil Fimo to cure it rather than roasting it. Lego gets soft when its boiled and helmets can lose their shape. You need really high grit sandpaper to get a decent finish, which I need to get.

LEGO is awesome.

More to follow as it comes.

Creative Common / Website crtique
« on: 15 July, 2011, 06:45:18 PM »
Hey kids,

You know, I don't post much here very often anymore, but I'm always here in spirit, since I stopped drawing comics my creative juices have been leading me into uncharted territory.

I made a website for my wife's fledgling cake business, take a look and please feedback.

And yes, I know it's all Flash based and I'm sorry. It's a starting point for me and was the most easily accessible option.


Creative Common / Cakes
« on: 08 February, 2011, 06:17:28 PM »
You may remember some time ago I posted some pictures of my wife's cakes she makes. She's been training me up and here are a couple of my efforts:

General / Johnny Alpha actor
« on: 09 November, 2010, 09:18:11 PM »

Watching The Walking Dead last night, it struck me that This guy would make a good Alpha.

Grow his curls a bit and white the eyes and we have a winner.

Creative Common / Web drawing thingy
« on: 12 March, 2010, 11:56:15 PM »

Help! / Academy of Law ref
« on: 24 February, 2010, 01:53:26 PM »
Hi, anyone got any reference pics of the Academy of Law?

Mucho appreciato if so,


Creative Common / New Dredd pic
« on: 24 January, 2010, 11:16:41 PM »

I realised the other day that I haven't drawn Dredd for years so figured I'd have a go.

I've been interested recently in other people's workflow and stuff so I thought I'd share my methods for this piece. All this in done digitally using Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos A5 Tablet.

Using a reference image to get the pose I want, I sketch out the pencils on a transparent layer:

Once I'm happy with that it's on to the inking. New layer on top of the pencils. It's usually about here that I start spotting mistakes or problems and try to fix the pencils as I go at the same time as inking:

Then it's another new layer between the pencils and inks to lay on blocks of flat colour:

Another new layer, this one cloned from the flat colour (just to leave it alone for later). On this layer I choose a darker or lighter shade of the chosen colour to block in high/lowlights.

Now I clone the shaded layer and using the original block colour layer, magic wand and free lasso to select the area(s) I want to shade. It's then a fill gradient from foreground colour to transparent, set on multiply at 50-70% transparency across the area, bit by bit. Once finished I can hide all layers apart from the blended colours and inks:

And that's it.

What do you think?

Off Topic / Free Lego
« on: 08 September, 2009, 11:13:19 PM »

Dunno if anyone cares but all this week the Daily Mirror has been giving away a free tear out voucher to redeem in WHSmiths or Toys 'r' us for some mini Star Wars Lego kits.

Obviously you have to buy the Mirror, but if you pop it inside a porn mag you can hide it discreetly ;).

Now if you're smart you can buy a couple of papers, tear the voucher out of one and flash the papers at the dimwit behind the counter without handing over the other vouchers, and then rejoin the queue (or go to the other till on the other side of the store) and double up. I've been taking huge advantage of this and so far have:

2 Stormtroopers on mini speeder bikes,
4 Stormtroopers on mini walkers,
4 mini tie fighters,
and best of all today my wife bought 5 papers which they didn't take the coupons out of so I went back and redeemed them for a total of 10 Battle Droids on STAPs.

They're for my kids. Honest.

General / A new drawing...
« on: 20 August, 2009, 06:05:52 PM »
Hi, remember me? Been lurking for a while, always hanging about...

Anyway, not strictly 2000ad related, but kinda comicy sorta, I've been commissioned by my 5 year old to draw him a picture of "Obi Wan and Anakin fighting, no, not in those costumes (when I drew them proper-like), in their Clone Wars clothes".

I did this at A3, enlarged to A2 and framed on his bedroom wall, looks awesome, just wanted to share and gather praise.


Website and Forum / PM? Or not PM?
« on: 07 May, 2009, 06:22:07 PM »
Hi, dunno if this is the right place to post this,

I came home and checked my email today and found the following:

Hello James,

You have received a new private message from "profilicus" to your account
on "2000 AD Forums" with the following subject:

Forum administration

You can view your new message by clicking on the following link:


So I clicked on the link and it takes me to my PMs but there's nothing new there.

Am I missing something or is this some kinda spam?

Also I looked in the members list and could find no-one called profilicus.


Website and Forum / How about a link back to the main 2000AD homepage?
« on: 22 August, 2008, 06:38:01 PM »
The logo at the top of the forum only takes you to the forum homepage.

Or am I missing something?

Classifieds / 2000ad progs and stuff have gotta go!
« on: 17 August, 2008, 07:02:45 PM »
Hey there kids,

I'm having a sort out. This means my 2000ads have gotta go. :(  I've got a mostly complete run from about 550ish (maybe) to prog 2008 (or 2007-whichever was last year's). I've got a pretty complete run of Megazines too.

What I'd like is to obviosly get something for them, ideally someone local will come and take them all away for a couple of hundred bucks but I realize that's probably grasping for perfection somewhat!

I'm going into the attic later to check on the state of them and the contents so I'll report back once I have more information.

I've also got a pile of old Titan GNs and other TPBs to unload, again, I'll post a list when I've sorted through them.

I'm in Swansea, South Wales, any interest bung it in here.



Games / Rock Band
« on: 22 May, 2008, 11:07:26 AM »
Anyone getting this? Mine's due to arrive tomorrow, my deadlines have been smashed and I'm looking forward to ROCK! [backslash]m/

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