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I dunno - I think Rogue worked when he was, in theory, wandering an entire planet lokoing for clues to find someone he wanted serious revenge against, getting caught up in war stuff as and when it interfered.

It makes sense that he's programmed to follow a mission, so when that mission ended he couldn't just wander aimlessly. And no writer ever found a convincing mission for him, until they went the flashback route.

The very opening run of Dante was a real treat in the Prog. Simon Fraser's art felt unlike anything else, so bright and colourful, and the story was just wild and weird. There was the promise of some ENORMOUS, sprawling epic going on. Of course we'd never get that epic, because new thrills in the 90s just came and went after like 2 or 3 outings at best. But Dante kept on coming back, and being good, and earning the right to take long breaks, to change tones a couple of times.

Survival Geeks dared to be funny, and then keep on being funny, with room for a bit of poignant character stuff, and loads of great Geekster eggs in the artwork. But it's not comparable to the moster that is

The Adventures of Nikolai Dante

From Z to A, it's Anderson all the way.

General / Re: Forum’s Fav Thrill - Brass Sun vs. Savage Rd 5 Heat 14
« on: 11 August, 2022, 11:01:55 AM »
Yeah, an impossible job for Tharg to prioritise when your artist is now working flat out on an even better, more profitable thrill, and your writer has so many ideas stuck in his head he ends up churning out too many new series to quite get around to tidying up the old ones! Especially when he constructs a perfectly beautiful ending for Scarlet Traces and then goes a page further, pointing to a whole new series for that story...

Mr Campbell, are you perchance getting ambiguous mixed up with amphibious? Or am I missing a joke somewhere..?

General / Re: 2000AD Lego builds
« on: 11 August, 2022, 10:53:49 AM »
Quite possibly the worthiest use of a person's lifetime that I can imagine. Hats off!

General / Re: Forum’s Fav Thrill - Brass Sun vs. Savage Rd 5 Heat 14
« on: 10 August, 2022, 09:57:16 AM »
When you put it like 'which series do you most want to come back to the Prog', it's an EASY win for Brass Sun. As Funt Solo points out, the later books of Savage get into some really weird cod psychology, and if you're looking for sympatheic, well-handled female action characters, Brass Sun has got you covered in a way Mills never managed despite his best intentions.

The good bits of Savage really are very good, I think especially Patrick Goddard's gritty bombed-out London, but the sheer beauty of the imagination behind the Wheel of Worlds, and the variation of those worlds themselves, puts Brass Sun into Top 10 2000AD territory for me. Well, assuming Edginton and Culbard / whoever takes over on art can stick some sort of landing.

Anyway, Brass Sun, please.

I’m not mad keen on Nominative determinism so


'Nominative determinism' as in, your main character is called Gene the Hackman and he has giant blades that slide out of his wrists so he can hack away at people? Or Old Man Gary who is old? Or Clara Bow who is good with archery? Jack so Wild who is a loose cannon? ;) :D

Frankly, the nominative determinism of it all is one of a few things that, to me, Kingdom has borrowed from Rogue Trooper. Not saying it's derivative, as Kingdom is totally it's own thing, but I DO think these two thrills are really rather comparable: they're basically both stories of noble loners (who are always accompanied by companions), who wander around a war-torn hellscape and use their extreme fighting skills to solve problems, until those don't work and they need help. They were also both much better in the early stories - before Rogue found his nemesis, and before Gene ended up in space with the surviving (mostly evil) humans. At least Gene isn't constantly betrayed by a series of beautiful women. That only happens to him sometimes.

I confess I'm rather excited that new thrill Kingdom looks set to beat Rogue here, but as someone who ignored Rogue for years as a very young reader, but then fell in love with the character as a teen, on finding the old Titan volume 1 collection, my votes going to Rogue Trooper. And never mind the boring later Rogue stories. But also DO bear in mind the much later, really rather excellent Rennie run.

(or maybe it's that I still feel guilty about basically stealing the Rogue Trooper idea for a 'creative writing' homework at school once that I got a pretty good mark for)

General / Re: Forum’s Fav Thrill - Skizz vs. ABC Warriors Rd 5 Heat 12
« on: 09 August, 2022, 01:17:07 PM »
Hang on a sec, I don't know that this is quite so straightforward.
Yes, the ABC Warriors are, for the most part, 5 or 6 all time great characters and character designs. And, for a while, the promise of a new series was mega-exciting, even if they didn't always live up to that promise. Indeed, I don't know that any one ABC cycle has been totally 100% thrilling, except maybe the bits where they're in Nemesis the Warlock, which don't count here.
The Mek-nificent Seven has a couple of duff sequences (looking at you, "LJ Silver"), the Black Hole has some dodgy plotting and pacing, and the rest are, at best, divisive (personally I love Khronikles of Khaos, much of Shadow Warriors, and the odd bit of Volgan Wars - but plenty of folks don't).

Skizz by contrast had one totally perfect and unimpeachably great series, complete with 4 or 5 well-rounded, superbly designed and utterly memorable main characters. Then a really rather neat if less clever sequel, and then a very poor final series - but only as poor as the most indulgent parts of latter-day ABC Warriors (Tubal Cain can eff right off).

So yeah, all the love in the world for aspects of ABCs, but I think to honour that one burst of perfection, I'm voting Skizz.

(Mind, if Colin ever dares turn his hand to a character tourney, there are about 10 characters from this team up who'd all qualify as qaurter-finals contenders at the very least)

Reckon I like Summer Magic more than any of Ampney Crucis, but all of Ampney more than the rest of Kirby. I would say that both suffer a bit from never quite getting around to having a point - an odd criticsim for a serial in an adventure comic, but they basically just show characters having various adventures, and I prefer stories that have more overt themes in them as well.
I guess Kirby's theme is that Alan McKenzie really liked being a kid in the 60s and going on holiday to the countryside, while Edginton is more into old-timey stuff from before he was born, and eldritch monsters.

Anyway, that one sequence where young Luke is scared out of his face aside, the balls-out art of Simon Davis swings it for me:
Ampney Crucis investigates...

(got to agree with Colin that either thrill is dead lucky to make it to the last 16!! Although if Ampney somehow sneaks through to the quarters that might be enough to persuade Davis and Edginton to give us another series or two, to tie it all of and find whatever that theme actually is?)

Other Reviews / Re: Sandman TV Series
« on: 09 August, 2022, 11:07:58 AM »
I'm curious about this TV show, but in general am very ambivalent about people adapting old comics to the screen. Preacher seemed pretty good but after 2 episodes I felt I'd get more out of just enjoying the comics again. See also Y the Last Man. I've read and mostly enjoyed a handful of Sandman trades, and am minded to read the whole thing at some point - not sure I personally would benefit from consuming largely the same story on telly.

Weirdly, the big Marvel and DC movies don't bother me so much - I imagine because they tend to be telling almost entirely new stories, albeit based on certain comics runs. And they tend to do a good job of making those stories a) more coherent and b) a good fit for the feature film format. TV series are all well and good, but if Sandman is literally an isuue of the comic per episode, reckon I'll stick with the comics.

Yeah no contest. I just re-read Insurrection for the last Round, and it's better than I remember (and I remember it being very good). But it's not up to the insane fantasy / ideas / weirdness / action standard as Nemesis. I'll spot Insurrection that it's better than Book 10, possibly on an equal footing with book 8.

It's not at all fair to describe Insurrection as 'Warhammer 40K but in the Dreddverse', but, well, its look was surely inspired by that, which, in turn was definitely indebted to Kev O'Neill's original Terminator designs in Nemesis Book 1...

Nemesis the Warlock will destroy all.

General / Re: Forum’s Fav Thrill - Lawless vs. Thistlebone Rd 5 Heat 9
« on: 08 August, 2022, 10:30:24 AM »
Sorely tempted to vote Thistlebone for the art - but then Phil Winslade has been killing it on every single episode of Lawless, and that adds up to a LOT of pages at this point.

Lawless hasn't quite been perfect on a story level but that's no slight after so many series, and the vibe of it is super consistent and delightful. Of course, the vibe is THE thing on Thistlebone, and the best thing about that terffici, horrific thrill.

Not an easy choice, but I'm going Lawless. Although I will say that i do want the story to end at some point. Can't imagine how Dabnett will construct a fitting ending, but I want one, and want it to be good!

General / Re: Forum’s Fav Thrill - Low Life vs. The Out Rd 5 Heat 8
« on: 04 August, 2022, 09:29:15 AM »
Look, the Out has had two books and both have been marvellously marvellous, very excited to get more.
Low Life has had a lot more, but frankly the first 4 or 5 stories, while interesting, well drawn and intermittently funny were only OK. But then it jumped a gear with Dayglo and D'Israeli and everything from 'War Without Bloodshed' onwards has been potentially the best ever Dreddworld spin-off stuff, and I'm including Anderson, Psi Division in that. (although I maintain that he never learned how to draw Aimee Nixon the way Flint did)
BUT on the other hand there's the annoying turth that Low Life as a narrative suddenyl stopped being its own thing and became part of Judge Dredd, which pointedly does not count in this Tourney!

What am I to do with the delights of Saudade, Titan, Enceladus and indeed the Small House? Without which, we'd never get to the end of the narratives from Frank and Aimee.

If I'm only comparing War, Creation, Hostile Takeover and the Deal (the four epically great Low Life stories) to the Out, I'm genuinely not sure which is better.

You know what, I'm voting Low Life, if only to stop Dabnett from hogging all the slots in the next round...

I do love that first Fiends story, silly though it is by the end, and there's lots to love in Tiernan Trevallion's moody artwork.
But to my mind VCs has never put a foot wrong. (And I'm with Colin - the reboot was, overall better than the original)

So, The VCs.

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