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Prog / Re: Prog 1982 : The World's End
« on: 26 May, 2016, 07:59:26 PM »

I was ask about what's going on with the female's pants in background and couldn't even zoom in there...

Officer Resting Bitch Face has never worn anything on her lower half throughout the entire story, except for a tattoo and two convenient dangly loo-chain thingies. It's quite a good running gag.

Reminds me of old Christos Achilleos. painting of Bodicca just wearing a metal chest piece with a fur cloak & a large round shield. With nothing else down below, except for that shield covering her lower legs. This featured on the cover of Heavy Metal magazine I own.

Since I first saw that picture, he's released the painting, adding this frilly white skirt, still very short. Incidently, she was covering herself with he hands that the top of the shield, but not by much and that kind  gives me some idea about a different reality of fashion that doesn't give a fuck about my reality & I like that!

I said something about this in the off topic section a few months ago.

Prog / Re: Prog 1982 : The World's End
« on: 26 May, 2016, 11:50:20 AM »
So yeah, good Prog.

Great cover, can't go wrong with pants-free noseless alien babes really. Although once seen the Bradulliet can never be unseen.

Slaine was better again this week - gotta love those SBD half-dead.

I was ask about what's going on with the female's pants in background and couldn't even zoom in there....& agreed that Simon Davis does great Half-Dead which are not to be confused with zombies or Ray Harryhausen's animated skeletons, but kind a mixture of both.

Prog / Re: Prog 1982 : The World's End
« on: 26 May, 2016, 12:02:22 AM »

Suggestion for the Slaine strip, maybe Ukko selling some tickets to the big fight, making snide comments and being clipped round the ear by Slaine might perk it up?

I must look back and find out what happened to him. Why does he keep getting separated from Slaine?

When did Slaine the Geas Cathbad placed on him?

That was lose the Geas placed on him by Cathbad.

Prog / Re: Prog 1982 : The World's End
« on: 25 May, 2016, 11:47:52 PM »

Suggestion for the Slaine strip, maybe Ukko selling some tickets to the big fight, making snide comments and being clipped round the ear by Slaine might perk it up?

I must look back and find out what happened to him. Why does he keep getting separated from Slaine?

When did Slaine the Geas Cathbad placed on him?

Prog / Re: Prog 1982 : The World's End
« on: 25 May, 2016, 10:13:14 PM »
About Slaine....

Never liked the idea of the Non-Living -Things (Where in that context they might also be benevolent Cythrons or what a lot people believe Angels to be.) being something they were never described as in the first place and what became in the Slaineverse doesn't impress me either.

Still got nice art, but notice signs of either wear & tear on Slaine & Gort. They don't look so hot now (NO, not like that!). NO, they or just Slaine now look really withered, significantly older regardless of facial hair. Yeah, I know this may have something to so with his recent event taking more toll on him. He's still human, even if Warped (Like I said previously, may be the blessing of Danu is starting to fade on this one!) and this effect might be that devastating or the artist is caring even less each week and that's also starting to show. 

This also maybe hint that Slaine is not a Primordial like I suspected earlier. He's just completely Warped or he was.....

Games / Re: New Warhammer Games
« on: 25 May, 2016, 10:02:11 AM »
Have you ever wonder how much of your life you've spent waiting for games to download...

While waiting you could go outside. I'm under the impression that Australia has a fantastic climate (better than the UK anyway). Pick yourself up, take yourself out and have fun! Legally!


Well, it was after twelve, this morning....I felt more inclined to go to bed, but was busy looking for old comic book apt archived with a lot of old pulp/scifi/horror/adventure comics and was distressed when I couldn't find it. This took me right 6 in the morning.

Winter is Coming

As the say...& I'm looking forward to seeing Elder put into this game. Not sure, but I thinks this game is based on the new Warhammer Fantasy - Age of Sigmar which now appears to be dumbed down. Compared with the older stuff.

Do you think Warhammer had it's thunder stolen when Warcraft/StarCraft was established and now there's film out next month.

Games / Re: New Warhammer Games
« on: 25 May, 2016, 06:30:26 AM »
Was playing this new Total War Warhammer up until 10:00AM this morning (Which would have been about 11.00PM yesterday in U.K. time!). Only the skirmish with me vs Computer battles over various landscapes & inside underground caverns. With exception of use of magic and flying units everything is what I expected. No more than I anticipated and there are few things that may need to be fixed. Otherwise, no new ground covered as far I'm concerned, but still good WarHammer Fun.

There's also a evil wizard that looks and dress's a lot like Gandalf. (Minus the lip-hair!)There's also a Wight-King and few more hints that this could very easily be Lord of the Rings. Except for the Dwarven Gyro-Copters that dive to towards their chosen prey to spread some rotor styled damage. Again, Sky-Chariots, floaty ships hmmmm....

Pity, there is none of the gore from Dawn of War here and if I remember what was done with Total -War Atilla ...they might a game-mod with lots of that extreme stuff in it later on. Otherwise, giant units & they're wild but slow attacks are pretty cool. Not anywhere near as extreme as Dawn of War though!

Was silly enough record my first game and show some bad camera work, losing both battles quickly. Didn't work out the magic use of magic caster types until I had run out of space to video. Armies with more powerful, but less amount of units are much easier to control and than to watch over too many troops....

Wish I knew how mount some of the important ones to the new flyers.   

Help! / 2000AD Comic Book Reader Apt
« on: 24 May, 2016, 08:22:51 PM »
I must have this as I have been using a number of readers since I sorted out my digital collection of comics and other e-books and when I tried to install this apt from the Microsoft store. I go the message that I need to update Windows.

I already have Windows 10.

So, I googled the URL they gave me and noticed that a number of people have been having the same problem with other applications from the store.

So, I found the start menu & typed in the words -About Your PC- to get a run down of what is what on my system. I have Windows 10 as I suspected and that was that. That's all I can do, but the 2000AD comic book reading apt still asks me to up grade before I have can have this.

Anybody can help with this?

Games / Re: New Warhammer Games
« on: 24 May, 2016, 06:17:59 PM »
Have you ever wonder how much of your life you've spent waiting for games to download and install from Steam or even just that loading screen on any game outside of using the website.

I've been waiting since late last night for the new Warhammer game to do this, and I even topped up my internet to give it a extra kick, but it still varies between anywhere up to a week or two to o a few hours after it was initially showing a bit less than thirty minutes at first.

It's doing that again too.

Wow...it's just shot up to 165 days and few more hours and then timed out again.

At least it's now 84% of the way finished.

About that question of waiting, I think I have spent a good chunk of my life doing this....by my reckoning and not only waiting here, but waiting in general.

Help! / Re: About Some Old Warhammer 40k Book.....
« on: 24 May, 2016, 03:06:50 PM »
Now interested in Toxic.

I wonder if they still have old issues of that one even though it got cancelled. Some interesting head liners there.

Help! / Re: About Some Old Warhammer 40k Book.....
« on: 24 May, 2016, 01:06:19 PM »

I guess with Pat Mills unfamiliarity with anything Warhammer, then doubt I can draw those parallels between 40k/Fantasy & Slaine if Orcs and Elves were the old gods? Judge Dredd. I just read the general description for what a Hive-World is. Last night while trying to find this book above. Not accusing anybody of infringement, but would think their game system could accommodate both together (Even in the same universe or at both ends of the time line!) and besides, they already did Judge Dredd game along way back.

I now have less than twenty minutes before Total Warhammer Fantasy install loads & is ready to play.....

Thanks guys

Help! / Re: About Some Old Warhammer 40k Book.....
« on: 24 May, 2016, 12:46:55 PM »
Thanks...yeah, that like the one, I remember yellows strikes design, but thought it was on the cover of the book and not the chain-sword.

Don't know why it thought it was the same priest unit from the Imperial Guard...except I might have been playing Winter Assault at that time and thought they were the same thing.

Was going to ask Pat himself on Facebook but not sure how to approach him there. About the question and other things on my mind. That is where my courage run out on me.


Help! / About Some Old Warhammer 40k Book.....
« on: 24 May, 2016, 08:04:11 AM »
You know I stated on a recent post I recall seeing Pat Mills being credited for writing or at least collaborating in some way on one of the earlier editions of book about the Priests of the Imperial Guard fromWarhammer 40k.

They were featured in the Dawn of War - Winter Assault game. A single unit that looked a lot like a balding mature aged man in brown monk robes wielding a chain-sword. They had the Gandalf like ability to enflame the hearts of their ally's.

I just can't find any immediate clue or evidence of this book anywhere on the internet, now. I do remember seeing this book being offered on Ebay probably about 8 years ago and seeing the credit for Pat Mils or was that some joke?

Somebody here might know of a old codex...as they are called.

I can only find 4th and 5th edition books on the Imperial Guard it self and no individual books on those Priests. I thought they were called Tech-Priest, but that's some thing else.

Games / Re: Elite could be returning to a PC near you.
« on: 23 May, 2016, 11:45:03 PM »
Finally got Elite Dangerous - Horizons with the Engineers Beta 2. Something installed after not playing the game at all for about 2 months, I think. I believe, I've only had one game of it since I moved house.

It's been mixture of spotty internet & problems with the login that has kept me from playing this game. I'm sure I spent the last month fuming over constant invalid logins attempts, refusals to be connected with the game server, timed out updates that would not complete, and the age old Xinput error which now has a fix built into the game launcher.

The real problem is that this game is so online dependant. Even if your playing it alone in a universe filled
 only with the game sown A.I.

So, I finally manage to reinstall the game and update it with the new Engineers Beta 2.something (This is no joke, but I can't bother looking up the exact number right now. Just let me know if you want that last numeral.) which promises a new faction Engineers who will upgrade you ship any way you want
to more significant level of detail (I believe that may be true, but have still yet to see any proof of this!)

All I know is that mission givers are no longer faceless. There is a character portrait of them right there on the screen as you accept or decline there request. The screen it self is also different. It just looks better designed and set out like fancy website page. You should all know about those.

The ship Outfitting section had also been improved with actual stylised iconic art work for each type of weapon, module inside and out. The page for browsing any ship part you want to install almost takes up most of the screen now (Like the new mission & contract pages!) with each aspect of the new ship part represented by Red (Bad) or Blue (Very Good!) Orange (Neutral!) circle (Just a outline!) with a number or percentage indicating it's effectiveness with in the circle. This makes it much simpler to replace or swap parts to improve the effectiveness of your craft. (I know, have down graded my ship by accident a few times & may have done so again. It's still pain to compare colours & numbers & may have down graded my Viper Mark Three again.

Before I started recording my games again, I took my Viper out for a run (Away from station's orbit!) into (Supercruise) in the local system space & found a other subtle difference. When targeting a Unidentified Signal. You will also be informed if it's a threat & the level of threat or the number of hostiles in that zone. Not sure if this might be because of my Discovery Scanner or the Kill Warrant version....but sure nifty.

Not that I noticed, before...but the station voice-over or parking authority sounds better. It's male voice that really sounds like he works for NASA (American sounding!) and most unlike the shopping styled voices that were being used previously. Not that I have a problem with those, but this one is way better. it just sound more genuine. Although, it's the same voice within the two different star systems I flew around in now. I'm not so sure about that....

Some interesting videos that are not mine....

A few good Truckers (Might have been
voiced by somebody who can do a Dennis Hopper voice if you recall a old Sci-Fi spoof he was famous for!), but no it isn't actually. Just keep watching them, I only watch the first. Thee may be few of them.

It was advertised on this video by Obsidian Ant which I found very informative....

With promises of Multi-Crews-Ships, Custom-Pilot-Avatars, & Damage-Ship-Models, Ship-Shipping & Module-Storage ( For whatever reason...)

I really hate it when I get cut out of the game loop almost as much as I hate getting cut out of the loop of life.

Film & TV / Re: Is this It For Ghostbusters Two....
« on: 23 May, 2016, 05:04:57 PM »
I don't think CGI character work is necessarily easier to do well - it's just less constrained by physical limitations....

Yeah, good point!

These new FX a lot like sailing a boat on rough seas without that anchor or floatation devices. (Physical limitations!)

(Just a comparison, not need to be confused by it though.)

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