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Actually, as there is a limit in terms of locations, then adding more crimes and perps shouldnt be an issue, as you can only dish out as many as there are spaces on the board?

I'm assuming they wont "fix" the map which has the seaboard on the East side of the map....

It would be nice if they updated the villains and crimes - you could have a "modern" set you play with independently of the original sets if adding more to the base game would break it (I presume it would, as the game length is based on when those decks run out if I recall?)

News / Re: Subscriber Gift 2022 - Star-Lord Badge
« on: 23 September, 2022, 06:22:47 PM »
yeah. mine turned up too - very snazzy, much nicer than I imagined it would be!

Megazine / Re: Meg 448: Graveyard Shift
« on: 22 September, 2022, 09:04:33 PM »
Swings and roundabouts I think and theoretically thats good - the Prog got to do something a bit different to the Meg.  If we had had two publicatons doing the same thing it would have got a bit tedious - to be honest, while I found this more cohesive, I did find it suffered more from repetitiveness -whether that was due to being the second half or more due to the rinse repeat of finding a "team member" then hopping to the next one.

The ending also made a lot of the previous actions to save a few individuals a bit redundant, but that comes with the territory I suppose.

The thing I found most interesting here was a couple of new and newish names here -I'll always applaud Tharg trying out new writers as thats the biggest problem 2000AD faces going forward - new voices that might enthuse me in the same way Al Ewing and Niemand did/have in recent years (though both mostly impressed working on Dredd rather than their own stuff, Zombo excepted, so still not the "Saviour" I think the prog needs)

Honor Vincent's Anderson isnt setting the world on fire, but it does tell the story clearly, as does Liam Johnsons Devlin Waugh.

However, the writing also remains my big issue elsewhere, where the thing just hits a wall.

Two glaring examples:

The Kill Dozer section assumes you read it as Alpha driving the Dozer, then being far away from it and blowing it up - theres a missing panel establishing Alpha as the driver or Alpha exiting the vehicle.  Otherwise it is a muddied sequence that should ahve been rejiggered

Worse is the flashback(?) sections of the Armitage story, which I still dont really get - whats happening on the first page?  When is that happening? They are holed up in MacHarrods which is a "facility" for state secrets? They have the ability to "see" who is teleporting in - its a stream you can reject?  I think Mike Carroll is "the loveliest man in comics" TM, but this suffers from the same mangled storytelling that keeps shaking me off Proteus Vex.  I've read it a few times now and I still cannot make head nor tail of the time line and the events or motivations... now they have the numbers on page 4... Anderson, Cain and Alpha, presuably? To get somewhere else, where tehy will be safe  - Its clear to Anderson Armitages "people need him more"... but his people are gong to be wiped off the face of the earth with everyone else in short order - theres no bigger need than succeeding in their mission if that's the path they have decided is the only one left.  Preacher Cain prays for their safety... for the next couple of days presumably?

Sorry to be a grinch on this one, but it was like a real roadblock in the narrative.

It doesnt help that I really am not a fan of the "Marvelisation" of 2000AD "IP"  - so every writer has a go at every character, and this is designed to make full use of the ability to do just that. I prefer creatives to create their own new stuff and I like to see the old stuff written by their creators - call me a simple man!

It's an interesting exercise, certainly worked better than the SCi-Fi Special, but fundamentally, this isnt for me.

Looking forward to next months Meg for more Surfer and (to be a hypocrite) Waugh, if its more Kot, who has done the very rare thing for me and made someone elses creation interesting to me.

Over in the prog, it looks very Dredd world heavy - Hershey & Chimpsky and launching with Future Shocks, so only one other ongoing none Dredd story?


Other Reviews / Re: The Garry Leach Collection
« on: 22 September, 2022, 01:36:59 PM »
It's a glorious thing!  My only quibble would be there was a Starlord Annual story I remember about a ittle bug beast that grows into a giant unstoppable bug beast that would ahve been nice to have included, but overall, top notch!

Megazine / Re: Meg 448: Graveyard Shift
« on: 21 September, 2022, 09:05:01 PM »
My Robin SMith thing is also back to front, but I#m not compaiing as its a glorious thing - another one next month you say?  Great!

Shame the floppies are presumably a thing of the past, as a Bolland drafts for the Eagle Comics would have been great - there are loads out there (though many I only caught on eBay and have long since lost that hard drive!)

Prog / Prog 2300: On the Day of Judgement...
« on: 20 September, 2022, 05:52:17 PM »
No thread?

**** ALL SPOILERS  *******

Great cover and even greater Flint art on the Dredd section.  Niemand pitches the set up well and the dynamic between Alpha and Dredd rings true.  Flint's Alpha is glorious.  The 2000 A-lternative D-imensions thing from Helter Skelter never really worked for me

The other stories only feel tangentally connected to the Dredd, despite it acting as a framing narrative

Rogue Trooper is OK - great art again - couple of oddities - having other (dead) GIs wandering around makes sense I suppose, though the art had him looking so fresh that it caused a bit of dissonnance.  From the Quartz zone I'd expect it to be crustier - felt like it needed some explanation there - also the "killing" of Rogue at the end isnt very clear (and looks like it is straight through the chip!)

Not to drag over the other stories in detail, but just to say they run off with the idea of "Zombies"  to greater or lesser effect, but completely disregard that the Zombies (at least Sabbat's zombies) are magic based, rather than a disease or other such, so they dont really addd anything.

Stront comes back with some nice Staz Johnson art, but pedant mode has to be engaged here - Torso was killed years before the events of Judgement Day, as was more obviously Wulf, so why are they here other than fan service?  You can say "different time line" but the starting conceit of the strip appears to be a single different path taken at the end of Judgement Day.  Not sure how Alpha is aware of other dimensions being directly affected when he returns to the Doghouse either, but I suppose its a minor quibble - i just like to see the characters discover the plot through events rather than have it explained in a narrative box I suppose - as far as Alpha can tell at this point, he just hasnt succeeded in stopping Sabbat turning his own Universe bad? 

All of this might seem pedantic but it does undermine the "cliff hanger" a bit - overall, an interesting experiment - worked better for me than the Summer Special with the linked stories, but I do have to divorce the "back up strips" from the arc -  I suppose there are all kinds of explanations you could give to explain why Sabbats "Necro Magic" leads to very different types of zombies just sprouting up elsewhere (its "complex" as Alpha says!), but not having that cohesion diminishes the overall impact for me.

Looking forward to getting the Meg , which will hopefully concentrate on the main plot more, and therefore have more "ahem" bite for my taste...

General / Re: Forum Favourite Thrill - What if Series nominations
« on: 15 September, 2022, 05:45:19 PM »
I'm assuming Return to Armageddon has been left of the list in the same way Dredd wasnt part of the FFT?

General / Re: To Flesh or not
« on: 14 September, 2022, 10:47:21 PM »
Yeah, theres a strong argument that full creator rights aren't very Leftist - quite "Winner Takes All" - while I dont think IPC were operating a model that was designed so all workers could prosper, there's an argument for the model meaning that the Industry could sustain hundreds of workers - the cream wouldnt necessarily rise to the top, but if you put in the Tom "I earn more than the Prime Minister" Tully hours, there was money to be made, with the publisher taking the "risk" from any failures

The problem was they were a corporation that didnt value their creators AT ALL - confirmed by both Mills and Sanders!  They couldnt envisage such a massive success as Dredd, and when it did happen, they naturally (like most bosses) assumed it was their doing and their profts to milk.  If IPC or Sanders buy out had been able to offer better returns while not leaving all the risk with the publisher. Or if Rebellion had done something different with their contracts to give some stake back to the creators if not full ownership - but it was the Kingsleys money.  If it was mine, I'd have tried to lure back Moore with some sort of deal, but you;d have to do that to all the big names at the very least and what have you spent your money on - the gamble is now yours that that strategy will create a better and more profitable product  - creators more invested in doing their best so they share in the success as much as the publisher. The money you lose in paying the creators you gain in having big names who sell that much more? Safer to at least own the stuff you bought than give portions of it away on a hope of speculating to accumulate!

I can see both sides of the argument, but I won't slate Mills position as unreasonable, just perhaps overly focussed on the negatives (which is where I see the hand of the "Not My Thargs" in the hardening of his relations with Rebellion - though its not like he didnt have previous on both Toxic and within pre Rebellion 2000AD)

Well, exactly. People often point at Image, ignoring the tiny snag that quite a few people on that imprint make fuck-all and quite a few books make fuck-all.

A point I keep making, apparently to no effect whatsoever. A huge number of Image books make far less money for their creators than they’d have made on a work-for-hire contract — they’re gambling on the Willy Wonka golden ticket of a Walking Dead-style TV deal. Newsflash: it’s not gonna happen.

Most of the time, once they’ve paid the colourist and the letterer,* they’re out of pocket. Maybe half the time, this stuff is basically vanity publishing by writers subsidising the project from their books on WFH for other publishers.

*They don’t always pay the colourist and the letterer. The vast majority of the bad debt on my books is creator-owned projects that didn’t make any money.

General / Re: To Flesh or not
« on: 14 September, 2022, 09:57:49 PM »
Flesh - Hack 'n' Slash: future creators go back in time to harvest past creations!

If you pitched this to Pat, he'd probably go for it....

General / Re: To Flesh or not
« on: 14 September, 2022, 09:02:43 PM »
Despite thinking Pat has become radicalized by the "Not my Tharg" crowd (perhaps ignoring Pat's openess to said radicalizing messages), I do have a lot fo sympathy for his position.

I think British comcis are in the long run stull gong to be a tragedy predicated on the poor treatment of creators with regards to rights.  Rebellion may ahve done an invaluable job in rescuing the prog, giving us years and years more Wagner Dredd and Stront than we would otherwise have seen, that's a selfish and potentially shortsighted view.

I just think Pat wants to join Alan Moore in a principled stance on creators rights - you can argue waiting until it was less financially impactful to do that reduces the principle of that stand, but I get where he is coming from.

Theres lots of calls for new stuff here, but again that seems pretty selfish and ignores the fact that to get good new stuff, you need top level creators willing to give awy their best ideas - it just doesnt seem sustainable outside of the 2020s, let alone for another 45 years.

Rebellion have bought the intellectual property for the purposes of monetising the  past - thats not the end of as they are fans, but the model doesnt seem suitable for making new content in terms of attracting the best and keeping the best.

Abnett seems to be an admirable outlier, and in the 2000s when we had Ewing and Spurrier and Other Morrison, and you had a lot of Wagner, Grant and Mills to give continuity.

I dont want to read tC Eglingtons Flesh, or Alec Worleys ABC Warriors or Rob Williams Strontium Dog.

When Wagner leaves, unless there are enough creators who are filling those gaps with their own stuff, and not just "being hacks" as Pat would characterise it (and in some ways he isnt 100% wrong with that assessment), then that's it for me.  Creator compensation / Rights are going to surely make a difference to if you get the best creators and they are willing to give you their best material - maybe not a 100% correlation as we see with Wagners continued half retirement. And I;m sure that what Pat thinkss is a bad deal others think is a good deal.

I can;t help but look at John Sanders book and the botched attempt to buy out the comic that led to Maxwell using it as a shell company and think what might have been, not that I begrudge Rebellion for the past 20 years of continued thrills

General / Re: FFT - FINNNALLLLL1!!! - Strontium Dog vs Nikolai Dante
« on: 13 September, 2022, 11:46:56 AM »
Strontium Dog

General / Re: FFT - 3rd place play-off - Nemesis the Warlock vs Lawless
« on: 12 September, 2022, 04:32:57 PM »
Nemesis The Warlock

General / Re: FFT - Semi Final 1 - Lawless vs Strontium Dog
« on: 08 September, 2022, 05:28:55 PM »
Yeah theres a vague consensus around the prog 500s Stronts - I think there are a couple of duds there myself (Stone Killers and Bitch for all its good points has some "problems"), but I dont see it as more than the sort of wobbles Dredd would go through some years.

Lawless might be great, who knows until I do my reread, but its ultimately a well crafted Dredd spin off - Stront is a whole universe of ideas.  It would be nice to have some more current thrills in the finall, sure, but there's a reason those first 10 years are so highly regarded and thats the bar new thrills have to jump!

Strontium Dog

Good question.

Off the top of my head, the only ones I can think of that I'd say I didn't enjoy at all are Galaxy Killers and The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha. There's definitely some that are better than others - it'd be hard to argue Outlaw isn't superior to Stone Killers for example - but otherwise it's been consistently fun throughout. That's not bad for a 40 year run!

Off Topic / Re: This is the News!
« on: 08 September, 2022, 05:04:15 PM »
Donlt forget Boris "I shake hands with Covid patients and attend KGB parties" was also there...

She was fine before she shook Liz Truss's hand the other day. Reminds me of this scene from 24:


Are you saying that Truss is a deep plant Republican and needed to become PM to get close to the Queen?

 definitely sounds like a 24 plot

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