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Suggestions / Re: Lame-o Idea ?
« on: 30 June, 2002, 02:47:02 PM »

General / Re: Strontium Dog Movie Casting Id...
« on: 22 June, 2002, 04:54:48 PM »
sean bean has my vote,

alpha is an englishman for grudds sake.
how about a ewan mc gregor as midden face offer him a true and interesting character to play as oppossed to some fairy tale fantasy with no story or plot that hes currently signed up to playing for three movies.

General / 2000 ad avaible in Singapaore
« on: 12 June, 2002, 11:20:15 AM »
just a note to all
thrill power has finally reached Singapore. the city state which resembles Mega city ones ever viliglante style more then you can imagine has showed signs of redemption.
two enclaves of thrill power are now offering 2000ad and the megazine to any with a handful of gold or other tradeable currency.
for years i have received my regular fix via brown parcels through my father.faithfully mailing me throughout the world.
the fact that Singapore has now realised the error in its ways there is hope for hope for all that consider this Island home.
SINGAPORE allows 2000ad.  it only took 25 years.
all employers should now rebrand the region as a non hardship posting.

General / Re: THE PROG 534 CLUB
« on: 27 October, 2003, 09:47:38 PM »
have to admit i was hoping for a zero points as well. then got lucky one match. typical. next year when we start again. im going for a top team.

General / Re: THE PROG 534 CLUB
« on: 27 October, 2003, 09:45:26 PM »
i stand corrected oddboy.

my apologies. sorry to hear that you can not own prog 1. its lovely you know. something so specail about it. ask any of the owners of a copy.its really really specail.

by the way. i enjoy your hard work on the league.
thanks for the effort. just one more element of what makes this place a wonderful place to hang about.

General / Re: THE PROG 534 CLUB
« on: 27 October, 2003, 07:09:00 PM »
better take  a look at the rules.

i just saw a person bid on ebay.for prog 3?
not that you would know anyone caled odd girl.of course.

the banned members of the 534 club are watching you young man.

i think hes cracking guys.wont be long now.he will purchase the back progs soon.

General / Re: THE PROG 534 CLUB
« on: 09 September, 2003, 03:16:24 PM »
Damn it's long!
for a moment there i thought you where one of my ex girlfriends.but enough of that.

since you did click why not jion. all rules are on the linked site. its a labour of love by oddboy.and another layer of what makes this place so good.

General / Re: THE PROG 534 CLUB
« on: 09 September, 2003, 12:08:11 PM »
ahh another month of zero this is not an easy task.i like think im plymouth argyle in this league. (who you ask. thats the idea.) great work as always there oddboy.

General / Re: THE PROG 534 CLUB
« on: 21 August, 2003, 05:41:16 PM »
all said and done oddboy.
your work is excellent.

i enjoy your efforts.

General / Re: THE PROG 534 CLUB
« on: 12 August, 2003, 05:10:28 PM »
they are in but where are they oddboy?

your slipping son.get a grip.

General / Re: THE PROG 534 CLUB
« on: 04 June, 2003, 07:52:49 PM »
strengh to strengh there odders old chap.

though i will ask again.
are you goin gto run a promotion thread for membership? many new boarders now and im sure they would be impressed with the site.
worth it.why not just run a link on your posts and replys

General / Re: THE PROG 534 CLUB
« on: 22 May, 2003, 12:03:00 PM »
excellent as always there odd boy.
looking good. no new boarders jioned in yet? we need a sales push on this thread.
it deserves the highest accolades.

come on board any not involved should get on now.plently of great stuff avaible.

General / Re: THE PROG 534 CLUB
« on: 13 May, 2003, 05:17:45 PM »
excellent work here odd boy.

sadly i seem to have scored again.lucky one this time as well.
nice background.
any chance to include a YOUR NAME IN THE PROG bonus somewhere.
its got to be worth a double point score surely?

now dont get me wrong, but DEVONS DADDY DINER was so damn good and i just want to say it again.

General / Re: THE PROG 534 CLUB
« on: 26 April, 2003, 04:26:30 PM »
im gutted
i got two points.what can i say.this is so disspointing. there i was at the bottom. now i have to hope every one else keeps on scoring to retain my place in the true style of plymouth argyle.

great work as always oddboy.

General / Re: THE PROG 534 CLUB
« on: 04 April, 2003, 07:34:57 PM »
did odd boy ever answer the question about aliens.
and the missing points.????

or is he still consulting his lawyers about that one.

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