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General / Re: THE PROG 534 CLUB
« on: 02 July, 2002, 06:26:31 PM »
wow so many of you.

good to see so many of you have came on board later in life. im a lifer myself prog one framed on the wall. several pieces of art around it. just felt i had to tell you all so.

i know i know. but when you have prog 1 you deserve to be able to show off about it.( i have prog 2 as well.)
sorry sorry . its hard not to share.

Suggestions / Re: Measure the Future Shock stack...
« on: 08 March, 2006, 09:24:53 AM »
fools each and every one of you.

it is not discussed widely,but all published script writers are part of a free masons style secret society.

you think they get there on merit/talent/the ability to spell? perish the thought.there are only a handful whom can actually write. the rest are given these scripts to put there names too.

i cant say too much,but if you wear lots of black and leather,think spanking with a wooden paddle is something your partner should enjoy and understand HELLO SAILOR,your on your way.

your first script will be under the name GERRY SOMETHING SOMETHING. then after that as you move up in the ranks so does your pen name.

you really think wagner and rennie can write such wonderful things month after month.nonsense.
see the light.let the truth set you free.

General / Re: Can we find a character or str...
« on: 20 December, 2004, 10:21:50 AM »
no redeeming features.at all.

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