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Author Topic: If Superheros Were Fat  (Read 5664 times)


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Re: If Superheros Were Fat
« Reply #15 on: 05 February, 2014, 11:39:29 PM »
Hi Gents & ladies

Well the Heroes thingie has been running over 2 months now and no complaints :)

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Re: If Superheros Were Fat
« Reply #16 on: 06 February, 2014, 10:08:57 AM »
I've recently knocked back a client who wanted to use the Mary Poppins name and associated imagery, as I believe it is all owned by Disney. Perhaps I should have been similarly blasé and just taken their money.

There are quite a few creative professionals on here. I'd be interested in their thoughts.

To me, this is not a pragmatic bending of the rules which we all do from time to time - it's theft. Worse, you're unashamedly posting about it on the official website of a comics company which fiercely protects its own similar IP.


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Re: If Superheros Were Fat
« Reply #17 on: 06 February, 2014, 10:30:38 AM »
It's tricky - I've had many people contacting me wanting to buy prints of my Cornetto Trilogy poster - to the point where I could have made a serious amount of money by doing a print run, but I turned them all down as I felt uncomfortable selling fan art for profit*, and selling them at cost (which presumably I could legally do) isn't worth my time.

I have also been approached by a website that wanted to feature one of my movie posters in an art book they were publishing. When I asked if they had permission from the copyright holders, they mysteriously didn't respond.

I think a lot of people are naive/ignorant and perhaps don't understand that companies like Mondo work under license and get the necessary permissions. It's frustrating to see sites like Red Bubble which are full of people with no such qualms, and presumably get away with it in most cases.

*Professional, established comic book artists selling prints or commissions featuring copyrighted characters is another (contentious) issue, and something I personally support.
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